lck led 5 amp driver problems

So I have been sitting on this 5 amp driver from lck led for a bit, and my UF X6S just arrived from DX.

After connecting everything I was only getting 1.55Amps at the tail. After more screwing around and changing the contact board wires, it blinks 3 times and then goes to low, then slowly ramps back up to 1.5 amps and blinks 2 times, then back to low. Repeat.

The 2 blinks means lvp, but I have two fully charged batteries, and I have tried other batteries as well. Not sure what 3 blinks means.

Suggestions? I already emailed the company.

Any alternatives to that driver?

Good luck dealing with LCK-LED. Im having issues with them and customer support sucks! Im quite pissed at LCK-LED now, they are not able to do anything right.

Have you tried the driver in a “test-bench type environment”? No flashlight, emitter mounted to some metal and powersupply or a good batterybox?

Which 5A driver is it?

Considering that he have changed the contact board wires, it must be the FL-2. In terms of size, it would also be the one that fits his light…

Yeah it is their FL-2. I was really hoping for a sweet high amp driver for an XML2 but now it is time for more waiting….

Are there any other high amp drivers in that 22 mm size? I can’t find any……

That sucks. I’ve got one running an MT-G2, and its great. Someone else said they got one that had a strobe. I’ve got two more I haven’t used yet. I sure hope they’re ok.

I have one in a defiant 3C running a XM-L2. Does give 5 amps to the led (tested at the led). Mine works great all but the da flashy modes. Emailed them a week ago about ordered 3 modes with no response yet.

I just got a reply, so it looks like my case is finally going the right way.
My case have been going for a month, sometimes it took several days to get a replay, at worst 2 weeks, and I had to reply to the support ticket myself 2 times in order to “bump” the ticket and get a reply at times… I also made videos showing the driver issues I had. Based on view count, they were never looked at as far as I could tell.

My FL-2 was a 5-mode with flashy stuff (should have been 3 mode).
At the time I ordered the other 5 amp driver I thought it was advertised with strobe after high. Mine had SOS in between low and medium! :Sp :Sp :Sp
(I believe it was advertised with strobe after high when i ordered it.) Now it is advertised with strobe in between low and medium, that is the way the factory sets it up now. Who would like strobe there? :Sp

I also bought NW XP-G2 some time back. It was supposed to be a closer to 4000K (5A tint, I had gotten verification on that on mail), it was closer to 5000K.
This was what the packaging said, see if you can find some errors on the packaging with my supposedly XP-G2 with 5A tint…

I also had issues with my LD-33, but that could have been my fault…

Now, how many orders have I placed to experience that many issues?? 2 smaller ones…

If you buy from LCK-LED, check that you get the product your ordered!

Yeah. I really want a 5 amp driver in that size but it seems they are the only ones that sell it.

Bah humbug

I think it’s the same one at IOS.

The IOS one that looks similar is 3.5 Amp. Their 5 amp is 26mm contact board, not 21.6.

I’ll bet their 3.5 amp can be modded to 5 amp, looks identical….

yeah it just has a 26mm board instead of 22