LCK LED bad experience

This guy have interesting emitters with good price and reasonable shipping cost.

I been dealing with since October , three orders .Have very nice Osram diodes , cheap also.

The XR-E R2 and the first XM-L received were the best I got ever.

Now is offering XM.L T6 at 6 ...

Two minor problems were fixed fast through his contact info.

Now I received an XM-L U2 which perform way less than the previous T6 , an email asking for a solution or something was ignored for around a week...that's the post about , any other feedback from ?

edit; title reworded

The prices look very nice! Did you buy some of these: How are they?

Got seven, three are in a 10W set up in series , the most nice warm tint I own, later maybe I'll compare it flux wise with one warm XR-E Q4 ...

Another is in a headlamp, look the post here..

Both here, the three are over the keyboard but later realize that is too much bright , I'm gonna change it with a single diode one.

How do they compare brightness wise to q4 or q5 at the same current? Are these 3W osrams the same as in this light: ?

Still I don't know for sure but there are quite bright , too much work since I need to dissemble the P-31's head to make correct measures...

I don't know what have this torch you mention.

I want to bash this guy, not give him more business...

Ok, for the forum camaraderie I'll do it later...

I ordered one XML T6 + 4 x osram 3W warm white, but on my paypal receipt only says:

Item# Cree XLamp XM-L Cool White LEDs w/16mm Board-T6 Group,1000Lm@3A

I hope I will get the whole order, not just one XML... Anyone with similar expirience?

Is way warmer than the Q4 5A which is neutral, is like a P4 or P3

Hope this pic clear up that matter..

Thank you! Looks really nice usable yelow light. ..

Ordered 4 XM-L T6 on 16mm star. Same reciept at paypal but the reciept they sent to me was cool enough to save it if need arise.

At 6usd per piece + 2,65usd postage resgistered was a no brainer to me. I was looking for something like this for a while for a custom project.

I hope they send me good emitters and have not to complain later.

Did you order anything else? Because I think the problem is when you order more different items that only the first item is shown in paypal receipt.

Is not that yellow , is more like the first pic show...

Do not forget that this guy usually send nice things but he is a little 'creative' , maybe it was just an accident but who knows if not respond the request..

Pay a XM-L U2 received probably a T5 or T6....

It's all ok with the invoice issue , happened to me and all went fine...

Nope, just the XM-L's.

It's all ok with the invoice issue , happened to me and all went fine...

Good to hear that. Thanx!

Did they ever ship new XML U2's? If so, how are they?

If not, where can I buy real U2's on 16mm stars?


I'm getting a warning from my computer when I try to enter this site?

Has this site got viruses?

Im also getting a warning when trying to enter the site, which is something I very rarely see.