LCK-LED - Good Customer Service Experience

I first learned about the store through a post at CPF. The author and the other members who dropped by the post seemed to be happy with the store. Since they had an ongoing sale for T6 LEDs and their site mentioned that they had their own assembly facilities, I decided to inquire if they could provide me 5 XM-L T6s on 14mm stars and another T6 on a 20mm star. I received a prompt reply that they could accommodate my request without additional charges. I decided to give them a try. I have placed 3 orders with LCK-LED in all and am quite happy with their customer service.

My 1st order was for 5 CREE XM-L T6 LEDs on 14mm stars and 1CREE XM-L T6 on a 20mm star. My order shipped within 48 hrs of placing the order. All of the T6s that I received had 1C tints. Nice! I used the ones on 14mm stars for a 5 * XML T6 flashlight that I was building. The T6 on a 20mm star went in another 14500 powered EDC light project. For some unknown reason though one of T6s in my multi CREE light died after 5 minutes on high mode (5 serially connected T6s driven at 1.8A).

I sent the store owner an email relating what happened and got a sympathetic reply offering an immediate replacement along with an order for any amount. Considering that this happened after almost 2 months from the order date (DX took that long to send me the drivers that I needed), I was surprised by the kind gesture. I accepted the offer and placed my 2nd order for a T6 on a 14mm star for another project. Again my order shipped within 48 hrs. I was pleasantly surprised that the owner actually sent 2 U2s on 14mm stars since he didn't have T6s on 14mm stars in stock (1 ordered, the other a replacement for the emitter that died). I was not charged anything extra for that. Very happy!

I have recently placed my 3rd order for another XM-L T6 and an XR-E Q5 both on 14mm stars. On a sudden whim though the person whom I was building the light for asked to change the XR-E for an XP-E Q5. I sent the store owner an urgent change item request which was quickly actioned and my order shipped a couple of hours later.

I am not quick to praise vendors but feel that this kind of commitment deserves mention. After getting accustomed to long order processing time frames from the other HK/China based stores, LCK LED's prompt order processing comes as a much welcome surprise. Like some of you, I have also had my share of bad experiences in dealing with with some Chinese sites (a lot of times with DinoDirect and twice with Lightake) so I am happy with this store and the concern it has shown me. The fact that LCK LED has sent me reasonably priced emitters with good tints and entertained my requests for LEDs on different sized stars without extra charges makes me feel that they value me as a customer.

I've read another post here citing poor customer service experience with this store and am hoping that the author's concern will soon be resolved. I am also hoping that my fellow members at BLF will also benefit from the same level of customer service that I have.

edit: removed 1st sentence because i saw a post citing bad experience

+1 here, this is a very good shop to supply for leds!!

Bought 4-5 times from them, fast and reliable service!And the leds are good too, within their specs. U2 is a U2 and T6 is a T6.

Nice to hear that you've had good experiences with them too ergotelis. I'm really glad that I came upon that CPF post and tried this store.