LD-2D driver very rough test results

Hi All! I ordered the LD-2D 3A driver from http://intl-outdoor.com for a mt-g2 mag mod. Overall I was impressed with the quality of this driver.

I did some rough tail-cap measurements and got pretty good numbers…

11.1 volts from the 9xAA battery holder (eneloops)
High 2.15 amps
Medium .54 amp
Low .09 amps

If we assume 3 amps and a vf of about 6.6, then the watts of the LED would be 19.8 watts. The system would then have about 83% efficiency on high.

I know this isn’t taking into consideration voltage sag, and it is making big assumptions, but I haven’t seen any other numbers for this driver so I thought I would share mine.

The only issue I have noticed is that if you cycle through the modes really quickly, it draws a “blank” every once in a while. It’s like it just gets confused and goes off. It comes back as soon as you turn it on and off again. Again, you have to click through really fast for this to happen. Has anyone else noticed this about other drivers?

Didn’t notice this thread until now! Did you do resistor mod on the LD-2D and see how much current it can handle?

Nice looking reflector you have there by the way. :slight_smile:

With shorter and thicker leads you may measure a higher current as the overall resistance will be lower (driver+cells+springs+leads+dmm).