Le Max 2 + Xiaomi Noise Cancelling In-Ears?


I can’t find any information on this, but because here are a lot people who want to get the best for their money, some of you will have the LeEco Le Max 2 like me.

I am currently using the Xiaomi HD Pro In Ears with my Sansa Clip+ and some USB-C to 3.5mm Adapter with my phone (for audio books) - but those cheap adapters go kaput after 3-4 weeks (like the original one, too).

So - does anybody know if the Xiaomi ANC InEars do work with the Noise-Cancelling function with the LeMax2?

I do believe that the active noise canceling function is accomplished by the corresponding IC that’s integrated in the earphones.
The operation of the ANC is independent of the device being used.

Well, officially the Mi5C and the Redmi Pro are not supported and in the tests I read not all smartphones (Huawei P10) did work with them :confused:
So, not all smartphones work and I don’t want to spend 40$ for IEMs that I cannot use at all