Leap motion controller-3 black oslons (sorta like wii controller, but WAY better)

first off, the leap is pretty dang awesome:

second, watching a tear-down video, my internal flashaholic went to def-con 2 when I saw this:

(screen-grab from youtube)


are those two different die sizes, of is it just me? (center vs sides)

yup. Just another great example of why we need great LEDs for moar awsomer stuff.

my recap of info:
insanely great tracking quality, two stereo cameras @250+ FPS, can track all 10 digits at once, “The Leap Motion Controller tracks all 10 fingers up to 1/100th of a millimeter”, about 8 cu ft of sensing area. 80$, USB 3.0 +2.0 compatibility. windows and mac compatibility,unknown about linux. appstore for games and, well apps.

have I said its awesome? 8)

I bet I could handle a gun realistically (and a lot quicker) in an FPS game while using that leap motion controller.


Is the extinction of the PC mouse foretold here?