Learning the basics

I’m new to LED torches. Could someone point me to any resources about the components and configuring them that will give me the basics to get me going? I shall be browsing through the topics to pick up what I can but if there’s any potted tutorials that’ll educate me about specific aspects that would be great. Thanks

You might find this thread useful.

Super! Thank you. :slight_smile:

If you are Photonic Induction, love your videos. Either way, welcome to BLF!

No, I’m not. It was just the first username I put in that got accepted by the forum software. Thanks for the welcome. :slight_smile:

Fwiw, there are good intro videos on YouTube as well.

Aha! What do you expect then? Overpowering a flashlight with 20,000 watts of power until it pops? :smiley:

Joke aside, welcome to BLF Photonic!

Flashlight reviews can highlight the various aspects that flashaholics deem important. Looking at a few can give you some questions for clarification. There’s a lot to learn but once you get your feet wet the flashlight modding and DIY parts sub forum gets more deeply into all aspects.

For the basics of the basics, the bare essentials, I’d start with selfbuilt’s Flashlight Primer playlist. This guy knows his stuff.

Also, welcome to BLF!

Welcome on BLF !

Hope you are trained as a photon , these guys from here are heavy marathon runners , once started they'll stop only for a beer.., or two.., keep up with them, or they gone a drag you , against your will , of course...

Thank you for the welcome guys ad I shall follow the suggestions you’ve all posted. I feel less clueless already. :slight_smile:

I am actually thinking of getting the BLF A6 from Bangood next that you all cobbled together as a project. I have a Convoy S2+ that someone put the same emitter/driver in, I’m guessing because it has exactly the same modes; the driver unit has ‘BLF’ stamped on it. Was a bit annoyed because I paid way over the a cost of the actual BLF one from Bangood… but live and learn, eh. I shall get a warmer light for the BLF version than the one I already have. Looking forward to learning and putting together lights for different applications.