LED Drop-In Modules and DIY Flashlight Parts on lightake.com

Hi everyone ,now we have update the dropin modules and DIY parts on our website !

Cree XP-G R5 5-Mode 320-Lumen White Light LED Drop-in Module

It is little cheaper than DX!

Cree MC-E LED 3-Mode 410-Lumen Drop-in Module (4.2V Max)

SSC P7 LED 3-Mode 900-Lumen Drop-in Module (4.2V Max)

More Dropin and DIY parts


Hi everyone ,now we have update the dropin modules and DIY parts on our website !

Cree XP-G R5 5-Mode 320-Lumen White Light LED Drop-in Module

It is little cheaper than DX!

Cheaper by $0.01?

Most of your other items are actually A LOT more expensive than DX. I think you're going to have to do better than that. Can you beat the DX return policy? They pay up to 1/3 the item cost for return shipping to a US address. What country do customers have to RMA their DOA and return items? Your web site was quite vague.

You might also think about adding a forum so customers can discuss your items.

You are right Flashpilot!

The SSC P7 Led module cost 5 $ more at LT than at DX !!! Same goes for the MC-E. Nothing cheap there.

On their website are other funny things: On every side they write; F.A.Q: . Does Lightake.com match competitors pricing?

When you click on this very interresting link you are directed to a side where you dont find the answer. It may be a FAQ, but LT

never gives the answer. They dont need to, their high prices do.

I agree with most if the criticism both about price (Kaidomain's price for the R5 for example is cheaper then LT & DX http://kaidomain.com/ProductDetails.aspx?ProductId=10197), the problems with the site and the differing warranty terms.

But one thing I like about lightake is that they do appear to respond to product requests. If tried a few times with DX with no luck and a few of the requests are thing I think they could add. I guess if enough people ask or the right person happens to ask then may be. I made a request for a few things a few days ago to znmzdx including XPG R5 drop-ins and the silver Solarforce L2 with extension tube body and while I don't know for sure my requests had any influence they've now been added. I see they also have Solarforce L2 with extension tubes and dropins now as well and the price isn't too bad.

However still no SheKor charger, it seems that no one but KaiDomain are able to sell it. May be they got a good price so the other sites don't bother since they know they will be rather expensive.

I'm sorry for that ,sometimes our price is expensive than other dealers,because we have a different dealer price ,but we will cut down the price if it possible ,and we will offer a discount later,I hope you can understand !

Znmxdx we understand your position as a businessman, but members of this forum are mainly consumers

and we have another agenda. What we want is best quality for the lowest price. So when you try to convince

us that your prices are low when the truth is they are not, you must accept opposition.

That does not mean that we may not like your site, or that you dont have some fine products, but if other sites

have the same or better products to a lower price we tell it here, and advice to buy from them in stead, as its a

better deal for us as consumers. Other factors as Return policy a.s.o. may also come into play. If you are better

on factors which matter for members here, you get the deal.

If you offer a discount to members of this forum, Im sure this will have a positive effect on your sales.

Thanks for your advice ,and we will do our best to offer a lower price ,best service.and we will offer a coupon soon !thsnks again !