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From- EdWh

I wish you would expand your topics to cover other devices that we could get more feedback on purchasing of products.

I have two cree flashlights I bought through ebay directy from Hong Kong and although it takes about three weeks to be delivered and there is no warranty, but for the price they are disposable.

I would like to offer some advise for those of you who purchase from Tmart. I just bought a Gps device from them and although it works well, there is no manufactures name on the unit and the manual although it says to contact their service provider for problems there is no telephone number or web page provided. I have been working with Tmart support and they have none. They say they can provide support but fail to do so even after several emails.
In this case when the unit is turned on a splash screen comes up with the name Mediatek but the model is not listed on the web page I found and I sent them a email but no reply. Beware.

It appears they are purchasing from manufacturers at discounted prices to sell on their web page at a cheaper price but the rub is they are working with the manufacturer to cancel all support for the products saving money for the manufacturer and themselves that support costs, leaving you and I with a product with no service other than a 180 day warranty so they tell me. i will no longer purchase from them they have lost a customer. EdWh :exmark:

Welcome to BLF - sorry to hear of your bad experience. You might post the model number or a link for the model you bought … and maybe a pic of the splash screen and all writing on the unit. Mediatek could be making a component and not the unit itself.

If it’s a software problem and uses external memory, some units can be hacked or software replaced. But that needs a community of users unless you are lucky and the cpu components are commonly used by another brand.

Hi Gotta Zoom. Thanks for reply.

The model number is EO 3281. It is a high end unit was marked down from $99.00 to $59.99 plus ship.
I had a friend of mine come up and evaluate the unit and he agrees it is a high end unit 5”x 31/2” and has all the Blue Tooth nuts and bolts plus FM and E book, touch screen, etc.
I doubt the unit was not made by mediatek as the whole screen fills with MEDIATEK on boot, so more than likely produced by them, might have been a fill in between models but not on their web site.
I reported this as a WARNING before someone purchases as I believe TMart and Mediatek are scamming the public not providing service for quick revenue and I believe this is not the only product they scam.
The unit works fine, the manual is lousy and no vendor name on manual or box only clue I had was the splash screen as to maker. O/S is Win CE and I connected it to my computer and checked for update and is already up to date.
I will use the unit as it works fine and if it fails will never buy a like model especially from Tmart or Mediatek. Will stick with service supported models. EdWh J)

Good to hear it’s working.

I’m assuming it is this GPS unit.

Mediatek makes the MT3351 SoC or the CPU/GPU, as it says at the link above. That doesn’t mean they made all of the parts inside or assembled it and sold it to TMart, though I suppose they could have. It also has Microsoft software, but you aren’t likely to get any joy there. If you have a software question, I’d suggest using the GPU MT3351 model # at the contacts provided here.

This is like buying a laptop with Intel or AMD inside. Somebody else bought the chip/board and installed them. Seriously, you can’t get support for an off-brand computer from a CPU maker like AMD, or even Sears for an off-brand computer, either. Microsoft even recently sent me back to a laptop mfgr on an upgrade after denying me an upgrade from Vista to W7 even though I bought their W7 upgrade software and I was putting it on a clean, reformatted drive. I’m now trying to figure out why the machine won’t run a different drive having a working and registered copy of W7 (moving drive from another machine where it was working).

Tmart should be able to tell you who made it, but as you say it works and is disposable.

Hi Again Gotta Zoom,

Thanks for all the helpful info, I do not have any problem with the unit but who knows down the road, so saved your link. Just came back from a jaunt with the unit and it performed quite well so unless glitch happen am all set.

If you switched Hdd from one machine to another it is unlikely to work. The system boot depends on what they call a vote system, and requires a high end vote to allow the boot. The Cpu, the Hdd, The Memory and some of the peripherals contribute to the vote. The total vote is 10, and I do not remember how much each contributing item adds to the total.

I did the same a couple of weeks ago and the machines were so close it allowed the new Hdd to boot but required a new validation over the Internet, so I figured why not try it and darned, it worked and the new hdd is working fine, but it is highly unusual for that to happen due again to the differences in hardware, hope it helps.

Chinese companies will copy anything. They'll copy the design, the firmware if any, the manual, etc. If there's no manufacturer's label on it, Tmart may not even know who made it unless they bought directly from a factory. That's why it's so cheap.

To Gj.

Exactly that is why I put out the warning so someone else does not get taken in.

Thanks for replly. EdWh :beer:

Welcome to BLF EdWh, sorry for your troubles. :~

Perhaps brand names don’t have much place in a Communist economy, you just make what you are told to make. When they go commercial, that does not immediately put a name on everything.