LED Lantern Collections photos ! ?

Im not sure if its been posted here on BLF yet, or what catagory it would fit in, (i know the “other” forum has topics for Lanterns too, so if the mods here feel it neds to be in a different forum catagory please move it. :slight_smile:

- - It would be good to see if any other Flashlight enthusiasts here on BLF collect lanterns too ! - And your photos !

Many of my lanterns have been converted & moded to LED, including the Brass classic Rivertrail, several Coleman former-flourescent models, and many of the lanterns in my collection are dual mode flashlights too.
My favourite in my collection is a beer-can sized, mini Coleman 1965 era classic mini, its LED and has a crazy 4 month run time on night-light low, on one sent of AA batteries (2).
The group photo is an older one, and have probally twice as many lanterns as seen here. ( will do a new photo soon.)

(seen in the second photo on high mode, which still gets 25 hour run time on one set (2) AA batteries.)

I have a propane lantern, candle lantern and isobutane lantern. No LED lanterns, but I have my first on order. The closest thing I currently have is diffuser wands.

isobutane ? would that be one of those Gaz models ?

Brunton Liberty.

It isn't very good. Even when I bought it I thought it was inefficient and not very bright. Now it's a joke. I like the design even if it's not worth using.

i never seen that model before.


Which one is that one?

The light in the lower photo taken on the stump.) and its in the photo on top, but a bit hidden behind another near the front right, next to the small Everedy yellow lantern/flashlight.