Someone wanted me to do a little review on this light. So I thought I would oblige. First off I like the light a lot. It feels great in your hand and the fit and finish is second to none. Extremely well made I will say that. The P17 is a very good thrower and on Turbo mode it puts out 220 lumens and I would say that is underrated by the manufacturer. It throws a very nice flood beam as well. I particularly like the push pull focus on this light. Mag-Lights ought to adapt to this focus system. I took some photos and I think they will represent the light pretty well. Overall if you can get over the light being a pretty good size light since it takes 3D cells and being a little on the thefty side, but other than that it's a very well made light that throws well. This would make a very good camping light by the way or work light. I like it.

Here's some beamshots. All or on high except the one of the little white shed at 100yds which is on the turbo mode which is said to be 220 lumens. I think the high setting is 200 lumens. I hope you enjoy the pictures. I tried.

This one below is probably around 30yds.

This one was around 30yds.

Approx 45yds or so.

100yds or so

And this one is on flood.

This one is 100yds and on turbo. I zoomed in a little on this one I think but it's a little blurry.

I will add that this light lights up the neighbors barn pretty good that is 400yds behind me. I was truly impressed. I tried to take a photo of the beamshot but it didn't even show up at that distance with my camera.

And here's a better picture that was taken from the guy I bought it from on here(Flashlight Foy).

Like I said the machining is very well done and so is the finish. I would give this light a 10 on looks alone.

Damn, this thing is so bright, I cant even see the pictures.

Do you guys see them?

I see them.

LL's sure are great lights

Well I could of posted this one but I didn't want to blind you. But that is brighter than what it really is. Sorry for my attitude. I'm gonna scratch what I said out. I took you wrong and again I apologize.

I'm not trying to be a smart-ass. I really don't see the pictures. Tried with 2 different browsers.

I was simply asking others if they actually see the pictures. Don't jump on me just because I tried to make a joke on the way ...

Well I apologize. I thought you were putting down the photos.

I will try and get some links so you can view them.












The last one is brighter than what it really is.

Friends ?

First I thought I posted in another, bad, forum. I have an account there but when I saw that only after some "good" posts you have access to some threads I said WTH? Something's wrong with their secrets. I never got to find out what 'cause I never posted anything.

After a while I discovered some nice guys on this forum and I now hate them 'cause I have a bunch of flashlights on the way and a huge hole in my wallet.

I really wanted to see those photos. I had a P7 and always wanted to test a P17. I also gave a P7 to a friend as a present. Then I discovered DX and bought my first 504/XML light so I sold my P7 because the 504 was brighter and cheaper. I dont care much about the build quality (and I must admit, LLs are well built).

I managed to see the pictures on another computer. The 17 is a bit bulky for my taste tho. I have to figure out what is wrong with my browsers. I can see the pictures from all the threads except this one. Strange...

Very nice pictures ILF… if I recall you got a good deal on this light. If foy sees these pics he may want to buy it back…lol

Nothing wrong with LLs, just not my cup of tea I suppose. Seemed like the more I got into flashlights, the less enamoured I became. I have a P14 I feel the same way about. Just, meh.

As you can see however, it does get the job done. A long time ago, Match offered to mod it for me - I almost took him up on it. I found the idea of melting that plastic lens with a higly driven T6 interesting.


congrads ! great light awesome price - crazy run time

hope you enjoy it

Anyone got suggestions to modify a P17.2?
And before anyone else says it, yes, it’s alive this 8 year old thread is alive :disappointed: