LED Lensers - general brightness / run time query

I know LED Lenser quote their run times as high … I recently bought one that I’m about to send back the P5R.2 rechargeable which supposedly has 4 hrs burn time at 270 lumens (does quote that’s down to 1 lumen).

Switch it on and it’s amasing … brilliant light for something so small with a decent focus … 5 mins later your 270 lumens is down to virtually nothing and hence how they get reasonable run times but with FA output after the 1st 5 mins it’s pretty much useless for what I want it for ……. I also saw a thread recently saying their M1 does exactly the same … high output for a few minutes and then drops right off.

Does anyone know if all their torches work the same way, I bought this one as it was small / light, was meant to have a decent run time with a high ish output and was focus adjustable … which is a must.

Whilst I don’t really want anything bigger, I will do am amazon return and was thinking about getting their TT instead which is AA batteries with comparable output and again mean to have about 4 hr run time but if this drops off to a considerably lower level after 5 mins I’ve no interest.

Also I see generally their torches slated quite a bit … is this just becuase people think they’re overpriced in comparison to other brands or are there other associated / common issues with them??