LED "light bulb" for 3.7V?

I’m planning to build some kind of lantern.
For that I need an omnidirectional LED emitter that will run on a battery (preferably 1 cell lithium).
So roughly somthing like that shapewise:

But all I can find are emitters for 110/230V.
Any idea where I could have a look? Or what search words I should try?


You can get empty LED bulb housings:

Just add a standard LED driver instead of the AC driver and you can put whatever you want inside.

Just don’t accidentally put it where someone might try to install it in an AC socket… :GRADE:

Thanks for the answer.
But not realy what I’m looking for.
The link was only to show what the led array should look like.
This would be an other example:

Like that, but brighter and preferably running on 3.7V

I’ve never seen an omni-directional low-voltage corn light like that. Only ones that are built for 12V automotive use. And those are typically just series/parallel connected from what I’ve seen.

You might could buy something similar to this;
…or this

…and re-wire the emitters to parallel, then jam in a small driver or a current limiting resistor to let you run it from a lower voltage source.


Luxeon has Side Emitter Rebel LEDs with integrated optics for 360 dispersion of the beam:

I’ve never seen one in person to provide my impression of the beam pattern.

Interesting, thanks for posting those, funny how they cost almost as much as the full bulb

You’d need an emitter arrangement something like this as individual LED’s have narrower beams; none are 360 degrees sideways. These are generally known as “cob” or “corn cob” bulbs from their shape. Size it and choose your emitters to suit your power source with heat-sinking in mind. Some have used a single centered emitter aimed onto a reflective cone but centering the beam is critical and there seems to be a lot of loss in those reflectors though it might work well enough for your needs.