Led mr16 on 18v

I was wondering is anyone knew what would happen if you overdrive a mr16 led to 18v dc ? Would it just cripple the life of the mr16? Thanks.

Most bulbs would be fine. Would draw the same power.
But some bulbs consist of LEDs and resistors, these would be overdriven.

18V is pushing it for a lot of MR16 bulbs. They are nominally 12V, but many MR16 fixtures use AC voltage and the bulbs must be able to take AC or DC in. The 12VAC RMS peak voltage corresponds to around 16 volts DC. Some bulbs that I measured get really inefficient/hot when driven with 16 VDC. I have some MR16 LED bulbs that are actually rated for 9 volts, they start to fry above around 14-15V.

Aren’t these the same drivers as in cheap 3x3w mr16s ?

They says the input is 12-24v.

Yes, each of the ones I have seen have a built in regulator. And either AC or DC