LED night light (LIFE)

How long are LED night lights supposed to last? I have had some for well over ten years running 24x7 and still working as new. I never thought I would say this but how the hell are manufacturers supposed to make a living if these darn things last so long?

Every new generation buy new nightlights. If you die, they got thrown away.

How many housholds do exist? 1000,000,000? Big business.

Thomas - off for designing a nightlight.

You can always “accidentally” bash into it with a vacuum-cleaner…

Well… if the LED is rated at 100,000 hours, you probably have a year or so to go…

That being said… About 20 years ago I visited a family member who was temporarily assigned to work in Hong Kong (lasted a few years). He said that they had some sort of tradition that every year they would throw away the year old stuff and get new stuff. This is how he furnished much of his apartment, including some electronics. He basically picked up trash of what seemed to be barely used TV’s, radios, etc. Btw… IIRC, his apartment was basically 150 sq ft… I visited after his wife and 5 children moved there to be with him. The smallest slept in a drawer under the sofa.

Anyway… I don’t know if this was a Hong Kong thing, a Chinese thing, a new philosophy, or specific to the area of HK he lived in. Or, maybe he was just lucky with his findings and misinterpreted the whole thing… or maybe I’m remembering it all wrong.

On a side note, around the same time I visited family in NZ. They had shipments of used Japanese vehicles to the country on the regular. The residents (NZ) told me that Japan’s used vehicle requirements were so high, that many people just sold their used vehicles and bought new ones. Much of the surplus of used vehicles were shipped to NZ. Of course, since this was so long ago and with Japan’s economic issues of the last decade or so, I don’t know if this practice is still popular.

At the time, I thought it was pretty cool seeing all of the 70’s restored Datsun’s running about.