LED (perhaps lcd or other) projector advise

OK, I’ll admit it, I’m an old fart;-) Haven’t looked into projectors for years. Last I looked they were way beyond what I could afford to spend. I know there are several geeks on this list who will know more than I ever hope to on these devises. Just hope some of them may want to help me out.

What I want is something that will take DVI or HDMI input. I could live with 1024 X 768 but 720(x) or 1080(x) would be good. Quiet would be nice. Battery powered would be delightful!

Based on what i want, here are my questions:

1. Can I get a projector that supports 1080(x) over HDMI or DVI that runs on battery power?

1.a What would it cost?

2. Can I get 1 without battery power?

2.a What would it cost?

3. My main goal is to make presentations to people using my MacBook Pro. I will stipulate that I can find power — battery would just be way cool! If there is a budget way to do this I would really like to know it as my need is not financially rewarding;-( What would it cost to accomplish that goal on a budget? If one of our China vendors is involved, what one and what projector?

If one of you geeks reads this and is willing to respond, THANK YOU!!!


I got a BenQ 1060W for church use and movie days/nights, its a great projector, nice and bright with good colour saturation, full high def 1080P but mains powered. If you got a cheap inverter I’m sure it could be run off 12V. $999 AUD. You can get cheaper for presentations, but high def movies show their flaws.

I have used it with my MacBook Air no problems, even high quality (800meg) Avi movies look good on it.

I made a screen with blackout fabric (used for curtain backing) and secondhand timber for frame, cost all of $20 and is much better than using the wall.

Always check the cost of replacement lamps too, some cost almost as much as a whole new projector.