LED security lights, street lights info wanted

They just replaced some street lights in my city with LED street lights. From what I can tell from 40 feet below, it looks like there are rows of LED’s mounted on a radius behind TIR optics, maybe 40 or 50 LEDs. The old street lights lit up a circle, probably 120 to 130 feet in diameter. The one in front of my friends house would light up his whole front yard and the front of his house 50 feet off the street. The new LED lights light up an area following the street 300 feet long but only 40 feet wide. Most of his yard is now dark but the street is lit up for a much longer length.

Do they made similar security lights using multiple LEDs behind TIR optics? Would like to buy a few if they are available.

Watch the first 2 or 3 videos here: https://www.youtube.com/user/bigclivedotcom/search?query=street

Thanks, looks like Gearbest doesn’t sell those anymore.