LED Supply -- really amazingly fast fulfillment and always top packing job

I had been meaning to write this earlier, but after yet another flawless experience I felt it was time.

LED Supply

This is a small outfit in Vermont, USA (link). They supply a lot of LED project work parts & tools. I’ve made about 4 purchases from them over the past few years. What’s really striking to me is that no matter how small the order, they fulfill it very promptly. Also, everything is nicely packed. They use these really thick high quality ziplock bags and also wrap loose items in bubble-wrap envelopes. Mailing for small items uses a bubble-wrap mailer. And if they’re several small packets, a sealed containment baggie is used to keep things from moving around. My last order was tiny, just 3 items, amounting to $5.25. No tax, no shipping charge. I placed my order on 12/15. It arrived on 12/18. Granted, they’re 4 states away from me, but located in rural Vermont up near the Canadian border. You’d figure 1 day for fulfillment (they say same day if before 3pm) and then about 2 days to make it out of rural Vermont. They’ve got a reliable USPS conduit up there.

Their website is OK. Sometimes products are listed with photos that aren’t detailed enough or sometimes misleading (like showing 2 LED strips, when only 1 is included [because photo demonstrates both warm & cool LEDS]). Also, their selection of LED’s is limited. But they’ve got a great array of optics. Generally, prices are pretty decent especially when you consider free 1st class shipping.