LED Testing Heatsink

I’d like to start with some testing of LEDs. I’m thinking of modifying & using the following CPU cooler…

Anything I should look out for?

My plan is to mount a 20mm noctigon (skrewed down) on some kind of copper adapter / base which will be strapped to the heatsink.

How much power are you going to test with?

Until the LED fails, up to a maximum of 10 amps.

It will mostly be 3V LEDs… thus, maximum of 30-40 watts.

I can’t imagine that cooler not being enough for 3v LEDs, though it might be a pain to get it mounted. Just the shape of the whole thing I mean.

Ok, thanks… I have a few ideas. As soon as I’m ready to go, I’ll do some posts on the setup and hopefully on my first LED test. Any other comments will be appreciated. :wink:

For led-testing I use this thing, a 30mm diameter copper pillar soldered on top of an old copper CPU-heatsink. The pillar is there to sink the led in the entrance hole plane with the inside surface of my integrating sphere. With the fan at 12V I tested leds up to 80W (it does get pretty warm eventually), with low power leds I run the fan at a lower voltage (keeps the noise down ):

It’s an all copper main-battle hover tank!

Lol, now I can’t not see it!

What's worse, I will think of battle tanks everytime I use it (led-lighted on top, simultaniously shooting in four directions, yeah!)

Thanks Djozz! Cant wait to start my first LED test! Curious to see how this heatsink will hold up :slight_smile: I believe your rig has more weight than the Zalman. Im not yet sure how hefty Im going to make my adapter. Will decide when I have the heatsink in hand.

The higher end CPU’s generate upwards of 125W or even more if overclocked. So CPU heatsinks and fans are a good choice for your setup.

Thanks dchomak :wink:

Iirc old generation (not sure about the new one’s) stock Intel CPU heatsinks has a round copper insert where the rest is aluminium. Those should work fine and should be able to be purchased pretty cheap.

Actually thinking of making a test setup myself, I already have some aluminium CPU heatsinks.
What type of thermal paste would be the cheapest and still perform?

im using a laptop heatsink, i have only tested it up to 17W but its not even getting warm after half an hour of continuous use. my XHP50 running at 27W on a pentium 4 alu heatsink without fan get kinda hot after 5min but still doing ok. A fan would help make it possible to push it to 50W easy, i guess.

Are you ready to cost more money do that?

Hi Emma. Not sure what you’re asking…?