LED vs Halogen (or other)

I have generally believed (with no evidence at all) that LED torches are better than any other type. ie solid state, longer lasting, cheaper, etc. I have a 900LUltrafire 501B (cheap clone), which is ok. I am now looking around for something a bit better though. Mainly better quality, but also brighter, I guess. And I came across the Solarforce L1200 Halogen torch ($75). A bit over my budget, but looks pretty cool.

I suspect that the 1200L is more accurate with the halogen (and Solarforce), which is one reason I am looking at it. From what little I have seen, LED specifications are largely made-up. ie the 900L Ultrafire 501B I have is probably nothing like 900L. Is this correct?

I am looking at a flood type light - ie something to light up a field, not something to knock possums out of trees at 50 paces.

Anway, I guess my main question is - are halogens better in some respects to LED type torches?

Of the L1200 and some other lights http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NHbbInLl2VQ despite some reviews saying its floody it seems to have a very tight spot.

For a nice bright and floody ~1000lm knockabout torch I got this one from KD http://www.kaidomain.com/ProductDetails.aspx?ProductId=11103

It's quite good for seeing whats going on out in the paddocks, and blows my 100w halogen spotlight away.

The biggest problem with non-LED lights is that they are hugely less efficient. You could get more light, but the run time will be terrible.

One thing that seems to affect some more than others is that the warmer light from incandescents is better for depth perception than the typically bluish light from LEDs. Some of my bluer lights actually make the world seem to be a set of cardboard cutouts which the warmer light from a bulb doesn't. But not everyone finds this.