Led4power.com : LD-4 CC linear drivers, ILC-0/1 illuminated tailcaps, optics, MOSX, copper DTP MCPCBs...

Looking forward to the store resuming operations, I have 2 hosts in need of emitters and drivers.

And some nice dedicated Osram emitter series drivers?

I'm working on new driver generation, but it will take some time.

With the LD-x4, when DD mode is enabled in the menu, does DD replace the constant current high mode? Like if I have a 6A driver and am using with a low Vf LED so DD is say 12A, does enabling DD mode mean I don’t have a 6A mode?

Yes it’s one or the other.

I think weird things would happen if you allow both so I see the point but a shortcut like 2 or 3 clicks for DD might be nice for next gen.

Since it’s possible for DD to be the same as CC high due to battery and LED combo it could have 2 identical modes in a row if it worked that way i guess.

Yes, if you enable DD, high mode becomes real direct drive, there is no current limit anymore.

Thanks. I was thinking of a driver for the SBT90.2 in my convoy L2 which ideally would have a 6A ~1hr regulated mode plus DD turbo.

Best of luck with the reopening. I’m excited for you (and to see new products).

With all these current limited LEDs we are really missing out on these drivers. I hope you are able to get the store figured out before too long as it really feels like prime time for linear drivers. Who knows next year we may be flush with buckboost drivers and some obscure 9V LEDs or something.

Linear drivers will stay in flashlight world as long as source of light are LEDs, they are smaller, cheaper and have higher power density compared to switching drivers and that will not change. Also linear drivers can have wider dynamic range of currents without large penalty in efficiency,for ex. it's much less challenging to make linear driver with output adjustable from 0.1mA to 20Amps.

Another advantage is driver quiescent current while driver is active - it can be in xx uA range, which is almost impossible for switching drivers (mA range), so runtime on moonlight/very low modes can be significantly better with linear drivers.

While switching drivers in theory have higher efficiency, in practice (single cell - 3V LED) difference in average efficiency is 5-10% typically - not as high as many here claim. Reason for that is battery voltage drop, so linear drivers maybe start with ~75% efficiency when battery is full, but as battery voltage drops efficiency raises to ~100%, so average efficiency is somewhere in between, depending on which mode you use the most. If flashlight is mostly used in lowest and highest mode, there is almost no difference in efficiency because switching drivers efficiency is not that high either on those modes.

Switching drivers are only option when number of cells in series is not equal to number of LED "dies" in series.

And this is why we <3 you. I have a 2 euro coupon on your books so I need a reason to waste like $50. See you soon

World needs Led For Power!

Neven, any update?

Still closed,sorry.

Aw, crap... just came over here to get some parts...


is there something new with the shop?
I´m looking for a driver for SBT 90.2 with some (more) amps.
Powered out of 4 or 8 parallel Cells.

Thanks a lot.

Hi, it's still closed.

Any interesting news to share?


I am waiting for the reopening.

I need some Q8 4040/5050 mcpcb.

Store will be opened in first week of 2021.