Ledil Crystal, coming soon

How well does it fit a Mag D?


I havent seen the Water Weld yet. You use that to fujic the stars? lol. Ive been using the super low viscosity super glue (with high clamping pressures till it dries) with great success. Heat transfers far better than fujic and it sets up in about a minute or less. I buy MX3 tubes on ebay when they come up for sale and its more than adequate when there are high clamping forces to push the reflector against the star.

Did you ever try out your DX SST90 reflector with XML?

Its far to large.

It’s 73mm in diameter. It doesn’t fit a mag.

Nope, I use either Arctic Alumina Thermal Adhesive or Arctic Alumina Thermal Compound depends on whether I feel like it’ll be getting changed or not. If I’m putting the copper star in a copper pill, I re-flow it in with Kester solder paste.

Sometimes I pot a driver that has a lot of chips on it, and especially when I’ve stacked chips on the battery side of the board. When I do that, I usually put a solid brass rod on the positive pad of the driver so that I don’t have to worry about spring compression causing a short on the stack of chips. Potting the soldered legs of the chips helps me feel better about the short possibilities too.

This is the kind of stuff I worry about when I’ve got 22 chips on a Qlite. :wink:

So what’re the best reflectors for a Mag D?

For MT-G2, the stock Mag LED reflector. For XM-L, there’s two reflectors from CNQG. Here and Here. Believe it or not, the shallow one will produce a tighter spot, with a smaller spill ring.

They both have to be "fitted" into the head. Nothing aftermarket fits exactly.

The shallow CNG will out throw the rebel mag reflector with XML?

The spot is about a toss up, but it's a smoother transition from spot out, unlike the LED maglite reflector. I like it better. I don't have lux ratings between the two, but by eye, I think they throw just about the same.

Lux readings between the shallow CNQG and deep CNQG show the shallow one a little higher reading.

You can buy Maglite parts at Zbattery. LED reflectors are here.

Thanks OL. Im torn with what reflectors to use with my light bar. I was thinking about going with the Ledli Booms or C8’s for the midrange/flood but not sure what to use for the spots. Do you have any suggestions? I like the DX SST90 but dont own one to compare. If the spot is to tight, it will be useless.

The idea is to have 16 mid-flood and 16 spot. But if there is enough spill, I could go with 32 spots. The investment is starting to add up so I need to try and get it right the first time.

Thanks OL, I think I’ll order a couple of the cnqg bits.

Well, the Booms will be floody enough, maybe a combination of them and C8 reflectors. I would think the C8 would be enough for spot, but it depends on how far you want to reach out. With the height/size differences, maybe it would be worth it to stray away from the SST-90 reflector and go with the stock Mag or one of the CNQG. I need to look back through all the threads I did, (OMG) and I know there are beam shots of both the shallow and the deeper CNQG reflectors. If you really need throw, then possibly 4 or 8 of the Mag LED, and the rest a combo of C8 and Boom. I would think you might not meed more than 4 to 6 of the Boom, depending on how far spaced everything is.

EDIT: Here's a couple shots of the CNQG deep reflector.

LOL! I was actually back tracking through all of your threads last night trying to accomplish the same thing. Thank you for your help. I need the farthest realistically useable throw possible. So the spot cant be to tight or it will be to narrow to be useful. I already have 2 x 100W HID wide angle floods in the bumper (18k lumens). I cant cycle the floods to often because they are HID. So the idea is to have an array that will provide reasonable flood with as far reaching spot that I can cycle on and off if necessary.

The heatsink is 2pcs 25” x 5” and 20 lbs each. So it will likely be cobbled as one 50” x 5” and weigh 40 lbs. Spacing out the DX SST90 73mm reflector, 16 of them will fit if necessary and I could probably stuff 16 Booms or maybe C8’s in-between the curves of the larger reflectors: Spots at the upper edge, smaller reflectors at the lower edge. I like your idea of C8 reflectors, and 16 of them should easily provide more than enough overlapping flood. Now I just need to figure out what should be used for the spots.

OK, I saw your CNQG deep reflector beam shot. The shallow one has the better transition?

It has a little less spill and the spot is a bit tighter, but realistically, it’s not enough difference to worry about. Neither one will give “max throw”. It’s too bad you can’t latch onto some of the Home Depot thrower reflectors. I just don’t know of any really good after-market large OD reflectors for XM-L. The problem with the SST-90 reflector is the huge hole in it. Made for a large die.

OMG - RBD, I think we managed to trash your thread to pieces. Sorry about that...

No problem. Moving on is fine. I can’t tell from the descriptions which is the shallower cnqg reflector. One shows the pill, the other doesn’t so can’t tell whether second has a pill and is shorter or doesn’t and is longer.



Sorry Rufus, that was my fault. I’ll open a new thread once I gain some more information about my project. Thanks for everything OL. I’ll see if I can learn more about the DX SST90. Maybe I could glue a butterfly XML centering strip to the underside to position it. Im in deep $ now, but I probably should have just added another pair of 100W HID spots and been done with it. But then, that would have been far to easy and practical.

So, anybody already tried these optics? It should be the one that Gene Malkoff uses in his Hound Dog Super, which is very well received by many CPF members. Here you can find a couple of beamshots.

Well, I want to test the Crystal optic with a XHP50.2. If this combination works well, I will put it in one of my Maglites.

I will order them next week on Monday from RS Components for ~10 $ a piece.

If anybody else is interested, I can buy some more and forward it to you for 4 $ shipping.