Ledil Seanna mounting questions

For those that have used this lens, how did you mount the LED? Looks like I will have to trim a little as the base of the XHP70 is hard to center on the opening. Just solder PCB to a copper plate and mount?

This is how I did it for a XHP35 I used the 26mm mcpcb because it just fit. It centered it in one direction and also allowed some room for the wires to clear the lower lens. There is nothing that holds the led to the heatsink except the clamping force of the lens. I happen to have just sent an email on Friday evening to the tech support at ledil.
I have successfully used a 26mm round with a xhp35 with the Seanna… But, I want to try a different LED (Osram Ostar KW CSLNM1.TG) The Seanna specification sheet specifically mentions XM pcb and LUMINUS pcb. There are locating pegs on the installation plane of the lens that would be useful to center such a small LED. Could you please provide any gerber files and/or manufactures of the MCPCB mentioned in the specifications.
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I’ll keep you posted on what or if I hear anything back from them. I’m just dusting this project off again after reading about the new Osram.
Thoughts of a DTP mcpcb made with the locating pin holes and a 3030 Osram footprint fill my head. But, a $200 custom short run is way to cost prohibitive. I can’t even think who would buy some of the extra boards with such a seldom used lens.

Hope this helps

I wonder how far apart these holes are the Maxtoch XHP70 32mm Copper MCPCB
The pegs on the Seanna are 28.8mm apart. Close

There are two locating pins on the Seanna that help you center the fixture on the LED. So you’d have to use either a larger PCB, or mount your LED star on a plate that has those holes located correctly.

I made an adapter before vacation, but haven’t gotten back to the project yet. I’ll take pics tomorrow; have the CAD file too.

I received an email back from Ledil.

You can refer to one of our “Ecosystem Partners” (LEDiL - Partners) for PCBs.
I have attached a few different Gerber files that should be able to help you out. If simulation data (IES File) for this combination would help I can also provide you with that.
Let me know if you need anything else.

I’m not sure any of this helps but its nice to see they got back to me. I ordered a XP32 with a single Osram white flat reflowed onto it. Much like the Maxtoch 32mm the holes look fairly close to the 28.84mm needed for peg placement. At least close enough were I could file or drill the difference. I’ll know more once I receive the MCPCB. I am not sure how much the height of the led effects things. Mattering what plane the led sits (square or round) there is a very slight height difference. Probably not enough to make much difference,

Thank you for the info.

Ran a drill bit through the two holes across from each other a little bit to widen the distance and I got the pegs to fit. It centered well. I wouldn’t think it would be much different for the Maxtoch XHP70 32mm Copper MCPCB. (I might try it now that I know the XHP 70.2 doesn’t have such a prominent cross.) Need to get some soup over to Hoop to get him better. He has been working on some Osram center gaskets for the C8 and S2+. Not sure if those could be made to work and/or he could make something for the Seanna and a XHP70.2 There is not many of us. EDIT: Measured with my cheap calipers the opening is 8.5mm

This is the bottom lens that focuses onto the Fresnel.

The 32XP might not be the best choice. It hurt to cut up this expensive lens. Especially now, since I saw how XHP70.2 lost most of the cross. This lens literally projects a square die image. A dedomed XHP70.2 is destined to find it way into this thing. Hopefully with the 32mm Maxtoch it would need additional modification.

Sorry by refloat this thread, but…. this lens works like the seller says? achieve the 1° or the 3° promised? With xpl hi, probably works so well, but with a xhp70 he continue colimating the light in the same degress?

Because i got a lot of samples of several companys in china and europa, i tested plano convex in several sizes ( until 120mm) TIR and catadioptric models, fresnels, a big box with 40 or 50 several kinds of lens, and no one give the promised angle.
With xpl hi is posible to got good results with plano convex lens betwen 50 and 75mm, but with leds with more bigger areas ( xhp50, xhp70) are imposible to got tight beams, inclusive using clasical reflector systems of 150mm.
This lens of ledil use two kinds of lens combinated? and works well with any size of led, or only give the 3 degrees with xpl hi? because i am talking with a seller in china they produced OEM a optical system to reach 1° and have pictures about the beam, have 1° (have 4 lens inside is a complicated system) . This ledil model dont have any reference pictures with his light pattern using xhp70 and my curiosity is on fire :).