Ledwave Targeter

One of my friends have a Ledwave Targeter Led Max flashlight. Well, it is notwhere to these funky chinese lightsabers :smiley:
I am supposed to make a new dropin, preferably with xp-g/XM-L, but i can’t find it so easily.
I saw these dropins a long ago on ebay, but now i cant find them.
I think it is also a standardized size, but definitely bigger than p60.
the outer diameter of the reflector i 38mm, the inner D. is 35mm. The overall length with spring is about 56mm, without spring it is about 48mm. IMO this dropin uses standard p60 pill, but with bigger reflector.
As the original dropin is xr-e, i would be interested if i could buy a reflector for xm-l.

Do you know anything about this size?