Lee filters: 24x vs 80x (Zircon or not?)

Hey everyone,

I’m not sure if this is the most appropriate place for this question. My apologies, if not.

I am looking to buy some Lee filters for take some green out of a few LEDs. It seems the Zircon filters are made for this color correction with LEDs, but take more lumens.

Which series of filters from Lee do you use/recommend? The 240 series or the 800 series?

Generally, I would recommend the Zircon filters because they are made to handle a lot more heat than the regular filters.

That said, there are some who have used the regular filters even on “hotrod” lights and not had an issue, so maybe that doesn’t really matter.

Cool. Thanks!

I probably won’t be putting them on anything getting too hot, but I’m also wondering about peoples’ experience between these two series in their efficacy in fixing tints.

Zircon, the 1/8 minus green I put on my H600 didn’t last long, only one or 2 runtime.

Go with Lee Zircon. The regular ones will melt and distort.
As for how much light is filtered, it depends on how much green you want to remove. There’s almost no way around it.

Ha. That’s what I needed to hear. Thank you!

Understood. I am happy to sacrifice some lumens for a better tint. This is all the info I needed.

Do you all typically use 804 or 805?

I have the 805, and I find it doesn’t make a big enough difference. Only works on LED’s that already look pretty good like 219C.
I typically use the 804, and sometimes even the 803.

Thank you, Pavlo! That helps! I’m going to go for 804 and 803 to have on hand.

Do you fix it onto the lense witb anything? Or out it between bezel and lens with pressure from the bezel?

I have used optical adhesive glue in the past, but I don’t recommend it as it becomes a permanent fix.
If there is an option to squeeze it between a lens and optic, that works well, but you want to avoid gaps of air in between.

The best solution I have found to date that works very well is to use double sided tape. On my zebralights, I install it right on the top of the glass.
In a light where you can unscrew the bezel, I install it underneath. Hardest part is to avoid fingerprints on the tape.

Do you cut the double sided tape to perfectly match the filter?

Nope, usually limited by width of tape. Just use a rectangular piece along the center. If you avoid placing finger prints, its barely noticeable and has no impact to the beam.

Cool, thanks! I’ll give the double sided tape a shot when I get my filters.