Lenses, throwers etc


1) http://kaidomain.com/ProductDetails.aspx?ProductId=9111


In which lights i Can put these lenses to make some awesome throwers (or something else) out of them?

2) Do you know some other supplier of 28mm aspheric lenses, other than dx (hate their slow shipment)

3) I would like you to share your experiences/projects with installing different lenses (then need not to be only aspherical lenses) in your flashlights. That would be really interesting and useful for us who are new in this world :D

Tnx :)

I've purchased aspherics from KD and DX. The 28 mm ones I've gotten from DX. I also have used 44mm 38mm and 18mm.

You never know what the focal length is until you get them since they only provide the diameter. They are cheap and you have to experiment. The 28 mm ones tends to work out well in P60 lights though. You can also grind any of them down to make them a little smaller if you can't find the exact size.

Regarding the focal length there are ways in some lights to get some range of adjustment to make the aspheric work. In some lights you can just screw/unscrew the head a bit, in others you can adjust the pill a bit, and in yet others you can adjust a retaining ring or use thicker o-rings for adjustment purposes.

You can also buy a type of TIR at DX. I've used those in several lights.

I currently have aspherics in a HS-802 body, in an Aurora (single 18650 XR-E R2) body that is just a bit larger than P60 style lights and in a single AA Ultrafire BJ08A body (18 mm). In the past I've put on in a P60 body. I have used a TIR in the Ultrafire listed above as well as in a backup dive light among others.

The beam look like with this lens

Lenses you are talking about

When the focal length is correct, and with the reflector blacked out to stop ugly artifacts you'll see a very narrow beam which projects an image of the emitter.

I don't recall the sku numbers but I bought all but one of them at DX. I think I bought everything that DX offered. They don't offer than many and most are only a dollar or two so it makes sense when you have an order in to just order all of them.

I bought a 28 mm, 42 mm, 52 mm at DX and a 44 mm at KD I believe. I also bought some 18 mm at DX that are too short (FL) to be useful in many situations.

I took the aspheric out of a Sipik SK68 to use in the Ultrafire I mentioned. I had to grind it a bit but it's plastic so I did it with a sander.

For the HS-802 you need a diameter of 38 mm. For that I had access to a friends bench grinder and I ground the 42 mm down to size. I think I wrote some of these up in the DIY section of this site.

To Vawayne, aspherics produce a beam that throws a long way and is narrow with no spill. The center beam looks like an image of the emitter. The TIR lens I have looks like a regular reflector type of beam except that the spill is reduced with more of that light being transfered to the corona (bright area just outside of the central hotspot).