LEP Modding Discussion

I am not sure but this LEP is in SMD package at 7070 size, looks like it is available in a form that similar to our LED no?
And for this LEP the laser diode seems to be shining on the phosphor at an inclined angle and then reflected to the front, not really “through” the phosphor right?

This isn’t what these laser flashlights are using though.
It’s just a proprietary design from SLD laser.
Another way of doing things.

It likely gets far lower performance though, since everything needs to be compacted so much.
The laser isn’t very large, the laser doesn’t have good cooling, the phosphor doesn’t have good cooling, etc.

I think you misunderstand me.
I can’t make a drawing now since i’m on my phone abroad this week.
But when you hit a flat surface with a parallel laser beam, it will obviously reflect straight back to the laser, which we do not want.
However, when it hits a tiny parabolic cavity, you have the reverse of a recoil light, although you do have a focal point there.
But the laser light will spread from there, along with the light from the phosphor.

I see what you mean.
In that case you will be redirecting the laser light not back to the laser but scattered out to the main reflector where the white light is supposed to go.
Then you deal with laser light exiting the flashlight, which may or may not be dangerous depending on the wattage of your laser.

But what is so different between 450nm blue laser light and a 450nm blue pump LED chip?
I’m assuming here both can be used the same ways:
-excite the phosphor
-being a part of the light spectrum.
The only difference i can think of is that the laser is one frequency / wavelength whereas the blue pump
LED chip is a range of wavelengths around 450nm.
I mean, in white LEDs the phosphor does not make white light, it makes white light minus blue.
The blue comes from the blue pump shining through the phosphor.
The average phosphor makes green, yellow and orangey red.

The lamp is going in my current project BFF. Unless I blow something up, I’m hoping for a test fire soon. Although I have tested the bare lamp and reflector a while back, and saw the light, so to speak :sunglasses:

Have a datasheet yes, but got to have some secrets for now :wink: I can post this though:

And please note the scale.
The hotspot is just a few microns. It’s the issue when you downsize the light source. You may be getting impressive luminance, but the area is so small, that when you try to use it with big optics/reflector, you can’t get the precision needed to utilize it fully.

Laser can achieve much higher W/mm^2 of blue light.
I have gotten quotes of up to 60kW/mm^2 for a single diode.

Also the phosphor and laser can be separately cooled so that the temperature of both can be managed better.
A laser diode has much more surface area than an LED too.

You are the master of short arc lights :smiley:
Big optics and slight deformation is why I couldn’t get a good focus with the 1mm^2 black flat in my syniosbeam.
In the future I will probably stick to glass lenses or glass reflectors instead of metal.

Well, I wouldn’t say master, more like the SA competition isn’t longer what or where it was :frowning: Anyhow, I wouldn’t give up on electroformed just yet.
I’m pretty sure they overall have better accuracy than glass. - unless you have the glass one made to incredibly high standards(read: price) And even then they screw up. Hubble telescope anyone :wink: But yes, Electroformed can definitely be deformed, something I experienced when I had to return mine and have the mounts reinstalled. The other thing is that the setup you have in the Syniosbeam makes the reflector more prone to deforming with just one mount all the way to the back and a lot of unsupported area in front. The further forward the mount is, or even two mounts, the more solid it becomes. On the other hand, that also demand incredible precision installing the mounts, so it is pros and cons with both.

I get your idea now. Since these LEP excite phosphor to produce white light, do they work with wavien collar just like the LED as well? Reflect some light back into the phosphor to make it more intense?

You’re still the master in my eyes :slight_smile:

Yeah, I know edmund optics has some precision glass parabolics which area bout twice as expensive as electroformed.
The reason the mount was so far back in the syniosbeam was because of lack of space :stuck_out_tongue:
Everything is very compacted inside, maybe a bit too much lol

The stuff I’m planning requires something that won’t deform and also has extremely high precision, so that’s why I’ll probably not be using electroformed.
At least not for the next thrower.
I still plan to put an electroformed reflector in my hellfighter.

I haven’t tested it but I am 99% sure that it will perform exactly the same as it does on a regular LED, plus or minus a bit depending on the material used.

If wavien collar works that will be crazy. Imagine saablaster will later build a pocketable 3km beam distance EDC light!

You can grind your own parabolic glass reflectors, and coat them, yourself.

“Amateur” telescope makers have been doing this for a long time. And achieving precision better than anything commercial, down to 1/4 wavelength of the light, or better.

Hard work though, and expect a few botch-jobs before you get there.

In UK, start at Telescope Products & Services

Or go hardcore and DIY the whole thing, as in https://www.instructables.com/id/Casting-a-Large-Light-Weight-Telescope-Mirror-fro/

Grinding and polishing glass to extreme precision is not easy, only the most experienced telescope enthusiasts do it.

  1. telescope mirrors are parabolas, so it’s not the same process if you want to make an aspheric lens
  2. telescope mirrors are very large F number, usually 4, 8, or more. The one used for recoil with LEDs is typically F/.25

I would love to buy something like that :stuck_out_tongue:
18650 size with no large head and multiple km throw.

That new Maxtoch is just like that in 18650 size(it has a choice of single or double tube) with classic thrower reflector shape head. Will you give it a try?
I would but I miss zoomie function… But your light also don’t offer zoomie function so it is like made for you :wink:

Hahah true :stuck_out_tongue:
The maxtoch L2K is too large and has a big head, something like the acebeam W10 or Weltool W3 is more of my size preference.
But those flashlights only have like 180kcd or 250kcd which isn’t really enough for me to pay $200+ for them.

Is there any budget line LEP flashlight available yet?
LEP flashlight has been coming out for quite a while but I wonder why they are still only produced by the big brands.

Weltool, nextorch, etc are all absolutely not “big” brands.

Not sure if Weltool and Nextorch are generally perceived as “big” brands, but at least the price tag seems pretty “premium” to me lol, even more expensive than Jetbeam’s.
Anyway thanks for sharing the link. :beer:

Big brands are fenix, olight, nitecore, acebeam, etc.
The high price of LEPs is because of the technology in them, not because the brand is big or small.
In fact, smaller manufacturers often have higher prices simply due to volume of production.