Less expensive Foursevens Quark (QPA or QTA) AA equivalent??

I like the thicker construction on the Quark AA line compared to the Mini AA and all the different modes, but I don’t see it cheaper than $60 anywhere. Looking to see if there is another alternative. I would still like to have the single AA form factor since I’ll be using Eneloops and I like having the different hidden modes when/if I ever need them. I like the floody-ness of the light because of the OP reflector and don’t really want a throwy light. I like the wall of light better. :bigsmile:

If you like the foursevens products, then sign up for their emails or like them on Facebook. They just had a big sale (They seem to do it twice a year) on many of their lights. I picked up a killer Quark for 50% off. I think they had the AA for 30% off. Not sure if you are in a hurry for a light, but their sales are normally at the end of the year.

I had one of these, run it with the 14500 and it seems equal to the Quark on output. Of course if you order it from Wal, you will get it by the time the foursevens go on sale at the end of the year. LOL :wink:

Haha. Thanks. Year, I just happened to look at their website and facebook page when they were sold out because of those crazy prices. Since living in Taiwan this last year, I’ve seen a bit of lights that look like Fenix clones or Nitecore clones. Most of them say Cree on the packaging, but I’m always a bit skeptical about whether or not they really have a Cree emitter. They would only say Cree and nothing else about which specific LED it is. They come out to be anywhere from $10-20 USD, but I’m just not sure if I should take a gamble. Saw one that looked like a quark… it was tempting… :~

I’ve been looking into some 18650 lights since I can get those batteries quite easily here… anyone have good experiences with Convoy lights? Particularly this one?

I just put together an s2 and the quality is pretty good. I was carrying a fenix pd30 the last four yrs but wanted 18650 cells. you can put it together yourself or get one that’s ready to run. mtnelectronics has the convoy products and is in the u.s. I am very happy with it

if you look at
my posts about my first “build”
it is an s2, qlite driver and XML led. mtn also will put it together for you if you want

Well I bought a few C8’s off ebay over the years. Mostly before I could tell you the difference between a real cree & a fake, or a fraud. All but one seemed to have authentic Cree’s in them. I paid about $9 each for the lights. The one that had the Fraud version (not even marked “cree”) was noticeable dimmer. I went back and looked at my purchase history, and I bought it from the same seller that had sold me 2 authentic ones. So, I guess I am saying you never know. lol

But, with the scam comes opportunity. Now, I have a light I can rig out my way. So, that is what I am gonna do.

The Convoy version of the C8 is quite well finished at least for this price.
Then Fasttech offer a large selection of driver and emitter.
Banggood offer only one driver (that is good anyway) less choice on emitter but offer XM-L2. Even side by side it’s hard to dicern difference from XM-L and XM-L in term of brightness but it’s better to take the XM-L2.
The C8 is a thrower and it’s quite bigger than the Quark AA that your wanted first.
Take one of the Convoy S line. I have the Convoy S2 and many here seems to like it.

I ended up ordering a C8 from FT a week or so ago just because I couldn’t pass it up with that kind of price tag. I figured it would be worth a try. Even if it’s a thrower compared to the Quark, it will probably be a good light just to have.

The Jetbeam BA20 or Klarus P2A are nice and very similar to the QT2A just with a slightly different body design, and the loss of programmable modes (they’re set to about 250 and 30).

Oh well, banggood one use XM-L2 and is cheaper…
The S2 is cheaper too and flooder

ShiningBeam has some models that are very similar to Quarks. Check out the Spark and I-mini. They also have the flexibility of using different types of cells in each model. And, they are less than half the price of comparable Quarks.


It’s probably more of a thrower than you’re looking for, but I’ve been intrigued by the Thrunite 1A Archer lately.

I really like my Quark AA Tactical (now QTA I think) and before that my Fenix L1T v2.0 and have been looking for similar single AA lights myself. Eneloops are awesome, yes. :slight_smile: