Lets Chat about Pila GL2 ( review )

Well I’m quite impressed with myself for picking this up. It has to be a very obscure torch that not a lot of people have. I first found out about this back in 2009 or so and I wanted one in 2010 for some special project but sadly I lacked the funds. I really don’t know who uses this but some review suggested some professional users somewhere use it. Reviews online are from like 2006 which makes it very old.

Well…pila, in my country, refers to penis ! It would be funny to have a flashlight with a name like that in my hand and show it around :smiley: :smiling_imp:

I had the Pila IBC charger as my first liIo charger way back then, a very outstanding charger I must say.

Not much chatter about the Pila flashlight though.

Well, I did not know that. Perhaps thats why it isn’t so popular.

Does anyone know if Surefire P60 or Malkoff LEDs fit inside?

Looks like this really is a relic of the past. I emailed Pila and got this response.

Dear Sir,

We thank you for your email and we are glad to say that we are still in business. That said, we stopped the production of tactical torches (GL2, GL3 and GL4) and IBC chargers well over 10 years ago because the market became flooded with cheap LED lights. There is no longer any distributor in the USA.

Best regards,
Jennifer Wong

At least they still have good customer service.

Yes….memories. good ones.

Neither make LED’s, They make drop in modules that have the driver and emitter installed on the pill already. Probably need to have one in had or know someone who had one that can tell you. If they do take P60 style drop in’s then you open your options. You can build your own drop in pretty cheap.

Pila is a name I haven’t heard in a long while

The charger, at least, was the king of the heap, 11-12 years ago, but with a fixed 600mA charging rate, it was quickly usurped by other, more flexible chargers.


That is what I’m hoping for, I could resurect this old light.