Let's try...

I need a host for some DIY and i found this


What do you think?

In this way i can try 502 and also DD to see if it's so bad like someone say.

The price is good. Some like the body some don't. If you want to run an XM-L in it try something else would be my sincere advice.

For up to 1A of current will do nicely, also good for lasers. I only dislike the way the lens is mounted.

To me this is about the real price (real worth).

BTW they have XPE Q5 for $3 if someone need it: http://www.dinodirect.com/2W-Cree-XPE-WC-Q5-LED-Emitter-350-700mA-12-8mm-Base.html Pictures wrongly shows XPG.

I need a low budget body to test circuit and led and to make some DIY i don't want to do on body with higher price. I don't think i will put more than a Q5 in it.

For XM-L i would like to buy Solarforce L2P body but the budget for flashlight is over for this month!

What the heck i ordered a few. A bargain! Wish those were R2... There was an option to redeem bathroom mittens for 1usd more along with socks and a few other things. Since bathroom is not advisable to mention and there were no soaps to redeem for cheap i sincerely hope i dont get any with the order...

"BTW they have XPE Q5 for $3 if someone need it: http://www.dinodirect.com/2W-Cree-XPE-WC-Q5-LED-Emitter-350-700mA-12-8mm-Base.html Pictures wrongly shows XPG."

Looks good to me. XPE's look like XPG anyway if i could see under the opaque dome...


U hvala sonarodnjak, very good price for a Q5!

PS: Pa še dolar je trenutno poceni... Bomo nabavli, poštnina je free pri dindirect?

I just read some of their forums, looking for a way to add tracking number (2$ insurance at checkout includes this). I wonder if they have some amount beyond which tracking number is free (like with DX). Waiting on their Live Chat now to ask that, but not many hopes that someone will answer.

But their reputation is frightening. Even in their own forums there are many complaints like "GIVE ME MY MONEY!!", "THIS IS A SCAM SITE!!!" and the like.

Do I really want to give them money, even though I have the PayPal protection?...

Ja zastonj je poštnina.

Če nisi sledil žajfasti debati glede DD... niso priporočeni dilerji Boaz-a so nategnili na suho . :/

English: Yes, freeshipping. Boaz got the soap effect time ago with them... beware... Since it is cheap i can afford 9usd flushed...

Well I bought 2 x Q5 - that wont make a big dent in my budget even if paypal protection fails. Also I didnt take insurance (2$) during checkout.

Hmm, two Q5 with bases for my zoomies and the microfiber glove. 7.85$ that I hope would make me happier.

No isurance, also. (I thought of ordering some closeup lenses for my camera before, but I rather not give them another 15$ right now)

Ok, i see that some other people order from DD (all with small amount of money ).

We can consider this like a TEST for DD.. See here in one month (i hope less than a month) and we can say if this test is passed or not.

I had no big issues with DD in the past (before started to play with prices) . They even sent me a complete new zoomie because the switch was defective. Well, as they don't know much about items they sell, it's hard to explain them anything, literally. But this is common practice with some shops out there.

About XPE - I know they are XPE, cause I've bought it in the past, but pictures shows XPG. Anyway price is tempting.

Good eye!

Definitely looks like an XPG. Oh well i would not mind that either. I hope it is true 14mm.

I'm using glasses for reading and close looking . Anyway I've double checked it last year when (naive) expecting description was wrong and pictures were real. No reason to

Diameter of mine PCB is 13,85mm.

Now that's the kind of emitter close-ups I want to take. I think I can too with better lighting.


do me a favor and stop posting about deals on dino direct

Optimism is good. ;)

I need some DIY parts so i decided to make order also on other site to "test" them...(Lightake for example)

First impression on DD is good. DD shipped item quite fast.. now see how long does it take to arrive and how good are product.