LH351D bin selection?

Looking for a neutral to warm LH351D (looking for the floodiest, high CRI 3535 chip, basically). My mtn sourced 4000k LH351D that I used on a Sc31Pro is alright, but more yellow/greenish than I prefer. Its not bad and certainly livable but I do like my 3300k XPL-HI C8+ and want to build one with the LH351D that is somewhat similar.

Looking at the 4000k from mtn, all they list is flux bin P6 and voltage bin F4 vs the Convoy store. Simon has the following listed:

Obviously I’m thinking 3500k but how much different is it from the 4000k I already have? How yellow/orange would the 2700k be compared to, say, my XPL HI U4-7A 3000-3300k? I guess I should maybe grab both or all three and just trial them, huh?

The 3500K has a color bin below the BBL (U6) and will likely look the best (but spot and corona will still likely be above the BBL), the two others are above. It’s in the datasheet page 13 10.

Interesting point. You know, I actually have never really grasped what the BBL means for us. It seems in the context of 219 discussion its related to rosiness and in the cree world related to how green it is. Is that kinda the basic concept- below is rosy and above is green?

Yes basically, you mentioned the 4000K being too yellow/green so that’s above the BBL, mesured with delta uv (duv), when duv>0 it’s green/yellow tinted, with duv<0 it’s magenta tinted, ”rosy”.

See my post about LH351D slicing, or any review by maukka with CIE diagram (the diagram with the BBL on it).

4000K LH351Ds, even with a bin like T6 or T7 generally aren’t great, but 3500K seems to be bit better in general, contactcr tested some Here , I wanted to test the 3500K ones from Convoy but haven’t made an order yet.

Slicing improve the tint if you’re willing to try that, it will also make it look closer to your XP-L HI in term of throw, low angular tint shift (uniform beam color)and CCT but with high CRI.

I bought a single 4000k LH351D from led4power two years ago and it has a lovely tint, but I’ve since ordered a load of 4000k LH351D LEDs from the convoy store on aliexpress and they have a horrible green tint. The led4power shop is shut right now though.

Led4Power stopped selling the LH351D’s because they were all tinted green. Let’s see what he has when he re-opens, hopefully soon!

I got some 4000k from Sofirn a bit ago which I sliced and put in a C8F and that turned out really nice.

I’ve also been tempted to get some 3500k ones from convoy to see what they’re like.

From what I heard, distributors don’t get a bin choice other than color temp. So it’s a crap shoot. I bought several from Mt. also. Green as hell, and tossed them all in the trash. Picked up some of these from the suggestion of others. Much better, but really good with 8th minus green filter. Zebralight claimed to have procured an excellent batch they put in the SC64 LE lights. They still looked a bit green to me.

My favorite led. :+1:

Shave the dome to drop the cct and on or below the bbl.

Just swapped the 3500K into a Sofirn SP10V3 (SPHWHTL3DA0GF4U0P6, bin F2U6P2 from Convoy). For something below BBL I did not expect any green, but there is quite a lot. So I put it next to an E21A 3500K to see if I was imagining things and was shocked at the result. No need to point out which is which, it’s pretty obvious. I sense another swap coming :person_facepalming: