LIFEP04 18650 1500mAh 3.2 V

Hi to all members.
New guy here, need to put new batteries in my solar led lights and a bit confused. The old battery has written on top the following
“LIFEP04 18650 1500mAh 3.2 V”. While trying on line to get new batteries I found out a huge selection and even slightly different specs. What should I look into? What if it’s 1350mAh? Does it matter if it’s NiMH or Li-ion or what should it be?

It should be lifepo4 3.2 volts. A lower mah just means less run time and is o.k.

Thank you.

Also must be 18650

So it’s a lithium iron phosphate battery, 18650 refers to size and the mAh to running time let’s say.

You catch on quick! The mah is capacity, so it translates to running time, yes.

I’m not totally stupid, just entered a world that’s much larger than I thought… The rechargeable battery world!!!