Lifetime supply of waterproof silicon grease

Found a quite unlikely and ULTRA cheap source for silicon grease for the threads/o rings

Danco waterproof grease Item #: 26276 | Model #: 80360 at lowes Isle 30, bay 15 for $3.49…hah

Was at Lowes looking for AC duct tape and downloaded the app, searched silicon grease and viola (it was in the sink section)

I just HEAVILY lubed up no less than 10 flashlights and you can barely see any out of the little tub, lifetime supply and DON’T have to wait for China :slight_smile:

Ha. Exactly the stuff I found in the back of my tool drawer and used until I got some Superlube from Amazon.

WarHawk your link was for the waterproof grease...above link is for silicone grease..just 50 cents more.

Is there a difference?

they don't state the weight...what's your weight?

most people don’t like stating how much they weigh on a public message forum :bigsmile:

The tub is about 1.5” in diameter and 1/2” to 3/4” deep says .5oz

Oh you are referring to the weight of the grease as in like the viscocity index on motoroil…no clue

And yeah you are right…the wrong link

have to admit you mad me laugh here, and it usually takes a bit to do that! If you have a sense of humor like mine then these should make u snicker:

It is true, Bort is quite mad.

War Hawk

Thanks for the recomendation I knew there had to be a simpler and cheaper solution.

I have a large tube of Servisol silicone grease but I prefer the viscosity of Jetbeam grease. Servisol feels slightly sticky in comparison.

100ml Nyogel 760G for 15$

Thank me later.

Year 2006?

With a lifetimes supply Im guessing year wont matter?

Does this stuff go ‘off’ as in separate or similar so to speak?

yeh, netweight was what i was referring to not viscocity...I like to know the ratio of poundage to cost of what I'm getting.

I don’t know, if it looses any of its properties over time.

Bort was unaware, how have you come to this conclusion?

it does not, it was confirmed buy one technician :slight_smile:

The mad generally are…

My Maserati is in the shop. (Again!) I've asked the seller if they have Yugo nyogel, but haven't heard back yet.

LOL yugo nyogel :smiley:

I use a tube of stuff called Aladin’s Magic Lube. 5oz can be had for a couple bucks on amazon. There’s two variants…one’s only silicon, the other is silicon and PTFE (teflon). I use the combo one because the texture is a little bit easier to work with.

I use this stuff just because I use it for work…I probably have 4 tubes at any given time in the back of my truck.

Oh, and you wanna talk about lifetime supply? I can buy this stuff in 1 or even 5 gallon buckets. BAM.