Light but bright

I’m on the hunt for a lightweight but reasonably bright (120+ lumens) replacement for Mk1 Lenser T7. Not that fussed about what batteries so long as it’s light and will take some form of rechargeable. But I think that basically narrows it down to single AA, AAA or 16340 power. And I don’t want to spend more than £25/$40.
Weight wise, the less the better within reason - maybe 100g max with battery.

In use I’m looking for a balance between throw and flood, probably more emphasis on the latter though - as long as it’ll do a bit of outdoor/dog walking duty at a pinch.
And some form of clip - preferably with the option to face head down - would be a bonus.

So far I’ve come across the following:

Eagletac D25AAA.
Fenix E12.
Xtar WK42.
Thrunite Archer 1C V2 (though probably more than I need.)

Any one sound better than the others, or something else I should consider?

At that budget you could get a couple of decent lights. Certainly a decent AAA plus an AA both of which would be capable to 120lm or more. But staying with the premium brands my thoughts are as follows.

The D25AAA you suggested though is a good light as is the Xtar WK42 but for a single light I’d look more towards an AA light for longer runtime and cell flexibility. The question is there a better choice than the Archer?

A Nitecore EA11 fits the bill and will take alkalines or nimh or 14500 lithiums (standard or IMR). I don’t think there’s a more flexible AA light given its numerous modes.

At the bargain end the Hugsby P31 (an Alakaline and nimh AA only light) is far better quality than its price suggests. So if you don’t need above 120lm would be ideal for a real budget light.

The Nitecore EA11 is the Best AA/14500 light I have ever bought & used, & I have bought many.

The Nitecore MH20 though 13mm longer (105mm versus the EA11's 92mm) uses a 18650 battery, which translates to much longer use before recharging.

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Hadn’t considered the EA11 but it looks like a good option. Sounds worth investing in a suitable IMR to go with.

Fasttech are about half the price on the EA11 of anywhere I can see in the UK, I take it their stuff is all genuine and unlikely to be a fake?

FastTech have it for U$42.51 => U$40.38 with BLF discount (Code: BLF)

But Banggood have a better price of U$54.95 => U$34.95 with code (PM me if you want it).

Btw, I have both 14500 IMR & ICR batteries, & I find that in the EA11 the IMR batteries don't give any higher output that I can see, but YMMV.

I prefer Protected KeepPower (Sanyo) 14500 840mAh => longer runtime than the IMR batteries, & better safety.

Both Banggood & Fastech only sell genuine Nitecore products (I have bought a lot of Nitecore products from both).

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I love the Thorfire TG06, bought 4 when the discount code was active for $12.99. M4DM4X may be able to get a nerw coupon if you PM him.

I mostly use it around the house with NiMH AA but keep a 14500 standing by if I want to kick it up a notch.

Wasn’t aware of that Thorfire but it looks like a decent budget option too.

Klarus MiX6 Ti. AAA light, 100 Max output. Weighs 20g empty. It has a nice loop on the tail so you could hang it from a necklace so you can hang it.

Not sure its in your budget. But what the heck, worth a look and spur some thought.

That Klarus is just tiny. Impressive, but probably at the extreme end of ‘less’ - both in output and weight - for my needs.

I’ve actually gone ahead and ordered two lights - the Nightcore EA11 (totally sold on that since it’s actually in budget) and the Hugsby P31, although the latter will be for a gift for a friend (once I’ve had a play with it.) I don’t suppose there are any UK members who can tell me roughly how long BG usually take to deliver? I’m itching to get my hands on the EA11.

Also ordered a pair of the KeepPower 14500’s to go with.

Thanks everyone for the advice.

My last order from Banggood was 12 days :-)

Anything from two weeks to four weeks. Its a bit luck of the draw.

Can't go wrong with the Archer 1A (AA/14500) for low price, solid features, great output, and quality construction. ;)