Light / Charger/ Batteries - help choose freinds son is engineer on a tug boat

So I need to get a setup for my friends son the is an engineer on a Tug Boat. He was down for a weekend and really like the 502b w/xm-l t6 I gave his dad.

I would need a good charger / batteries / and of course a light

Things to consider

  1. Single cell light - good mix of throw and flood would be great. Maybe SOS ? he is on a boat. :slight_smile:
  2. not too big - wants to pocket carry
  3. tough
  4. fairly water resistant.
  5. not too expensive as most of these sink if dropped………
  6. not a headlamp - doesn’t want an 18650 on his head
  7. safer choice in batteries - IMR ? LiMn ?

I have an ml-102 charger but I think he would need to be able to charge multiple cells to have ready. His shifts can be 12+ hours and they are 6 or 7 days a week at a time. at least 2 at a time and maybe 4 at a time.

Solarforce L2P with a E1320 drop in. Then some protected 18650s and a intellicharge I4.

With him being on a tug boat wouldn’t it have to be Osha compliant?

What is osha compliant about a flashlight ? good question

maybe UL recognized electronics to be onboard ?

good question….thats why I’m a askin

Get a charger that can run on ship’s power. It may, or may not be 110V AC. The last ferry I was on had 24V DC power as well as AC. I think some use 28V and some 42V. Sounds like a good number of quality cells would be a good idea.

What about an AA light designed for alkalines - i.e. a low voltage light that’ll be happy with NiMH and a decent charger - a Maha C800 would be good but it is pricey.

My brightest, non-lithium AA light is the EastwardYJ J09. It is slim for an AA light and reasonably short and has a clip (Head down only). I don’t use clips but a lot of people do. for the XP-G version for the XP-E version. Both claim the same output.