Light grenade?

So, I have a friend who is a cop and he asked me to try to find out if something like this exists. He made a four pronged flashlight set up like a caltrop so one side would always face up. He just taped four small flashlights together.

What he wants to know is if there is a ball or grenade type flight light device that can be activated and then thrown into a room to light it up so cops can see who is hiding in the dark. Often times he says he has to walk into dark rooms from a well lit area and he feels totally at risk because he can’t see and whoever is in the dark can.

What he wants is something that can be turned on but not illuminate until it is tossed into the room. Maybe light up on impact or via a short timer. I think timer makes more sense because if you throw it into a bedroom, it may hit a blanket or something soft and not turn on. He wants it to be as bright as possible with battery life being a non issue because it would only be used for a few seconds at a time. The smaller the better as cops already carry too much gear.

Why not just buy flares?

I remember at some defense show there was a light grenade, like a hexagon ball shaped with leds on each face. That must of been about a year or so ago, cant recall the name. No idea if it evern went into producton or sale for public.

Found this: Don’t think anything came of it

You can try military grade glow sticks such as cyalume.

L-Tron Light Gernade

‘The 1500 lumens output provides tactical angled light in 360 degrees for easy identification of the area in question.’

Made For Cops By Cops

I think I remember seeing s video of four sevens developing something like this. Not sure what ever became of it.

I didn’t know that existed but it is very close to what he wants. Only problems are it is rather large and expensive. The one he made was about the size of a Kiwi fruit, that one looks bigger than a baseball. I think $250 is too much. Under $100 or closer to $50 would make more sense.

IIRC Cyalume actually produced a grenade shaped glowstick for use in caves in Afghanistan. My Google skills fail me right now but I’m certain it was the 5min glow chemistry in a rounded container.

Like the one Rambo used in Afghan caves?

Something like this?
Someone could probably make it with 3D printing + high output LEDs + TIR lenses

Nope, found what I was thinking of, not Cyalume but illumiglow:

How about these?

Are you sure hes not over thinking this. I mean we all like flash gadgets/new toys to carry/use, but…

What happens if he needs to go into the next dark room or the possibly many after that,does he stop to recover it- wasting valuable time-, leaving that room dark or does he carry many of them in case its a house/building with many dark rooms.

Why not just use a really bright floody torch, something like the olight x7 or similar, a double click with it angled up towards the celling will light up the biggest room.

That’s what i’d use, if he really wants to throw bright things in rooms, use stun grenades.
As this idea seems as sensible as using strobe mode on a torch to fend off an attacker

Don’t think of it as a light bomb, think of it as a tossable lantern.

I have some general thoughts I’ll post when I get home tonight.

Interesting, why such a low budget for such a critical piece of equipment??

That being said, $40 will get him either a Q8 or a D4. Ceiling bounce either of them, and the bad guys wont know what the h*ll is going on.

This is what was at SHOT 2016

I guess this is the budget Brite Strike RID-3

Delta Light Ball Dynamic Entry Flash Illuminator

Electronic Flash Bang

Safe Flash



DIATONE DT-LED-901 Flash Bang 5730 LED Board Direction Night Light for FPV Racer


Civil Liability for Use of Distraction Devices

How about a really mean puppy …or a monty python style attack bunny ?
I know I hate being near a bad lantern ,so light popping out all over is going to ruin my vision as well .
like people have stated …being behind a 7000 lumen Q8 is better than having 1000 bouncing all over the place …

why not a high-powered cutting laser /////or an ex-wife

1. Because he is almost certainly carrying a firearm. Trying to carry a soda can light in your off hand and especially aiming it at the ceiling isn’t realistic.

2. A flashlight on your person makes you a target.

He’s not talking about dynamic entries (breach, bang, clear). He’s talking about a deliberate search.

I can only think about this one, a lot more expensive

Why not just spray the room full of bullets ,& ask questions later for a change , lol.