Light that meets this format for EDC/fire/EMS use...

Here's the dilema: I have several different lights that have all the features I could ask for-- but no one light has them all (I know, typical, right?). I work as a firefighter and paramedic (separate agencies) and would like to use this as my work and EDC light. I have not been on here for a while, so I'd like to know if there's a light out there that has the following:

-- ~$100 or less (I know this is BLF, but hear me out!)
-- HA III anodizing (love the anodizing on the XENO lights!)
-- One or two AA battery power supply (2AA preferred, can always "borrow" them from the remote if mine die!)
-- Cylindrical body (like the XENO E15 or Thrunite Neutron, no drastic reductions like the Fenix LD series or P60 hosts)
-- Steel bezel (Thrunite Neutrons have this)
-- Firefly mode (thank you Four Sevens for the Quark)
-- Aggressive knurling (again, XENO E15)
-- Tail clicky (forward/reverse don't matter)
-- Dual battery contact spring (my XENO E15 has this, and I'm not sure if it really protects against drops, but I like it)

And nice-but-not-necessary: pocket clip (doesn't matter up/down), GITD O-ring and switch boot, and able to break down to 1AA (like the XENO E15).

Or, if possible, is there a way to modify a driver to firefly? I remember back in the day when the Fenix L1P came out, people soldered resistors in the tail to get reduced output. Of course, that was when Luxeons and dinosaurs roamed the earth...

Tank 566 and extention tube

has a very low low and a super nice build for a budget light

it's a whopping 15$ without any discounts from about every dealer out there .

i just stuck a 14500 and checked the tailcap reading 1.35amps on a trustfire flame at 4.15volts . single AA or a pair .it's easily one of the best budget lights I've ever had .

Why not buy the xeno e15.? looks like a great light

My ITP SA2 sorta fits some of those points ...



Actually, I do have the XENO... as well as the Quark and the Thrunite. I just wish the XENO had a lower low mode-- is there any way to "reprogram" it? I don't mind the lack of a pocket clip, I can drill & tap a hole for one later. I use the XENO at home because the tail clicky is hard to activate with my structural gloves on, but the Thrunite has cutouts that allow this. The other thing I love about the XENO is the GITD O-ring and switch boot; it's just bright enough to find in the total darkness of the dorm in case I gotta make a head call in the middle of the night. Oh, here's some light porn for you guys (yes, pun intended)...


I saw an exact copy of this post on CPF :)

Yeah, I posted over there as well. I know you guys have issues with some of the elitest on that end, but I am solely interested in finding a good light, regardless of what anyone thinks about how much (or little) I paid for it.

I dont have any issues with any of those sites. Just gotta abide to each forums rule. Some are more strict, some more user friendly and I have one where even insulting the mods/their mods wont get you banned!

May I ask you a question instead?

Why do you want it to run from 2AA batteries?

I mean, I know they are readily available, but when considering the amount of energy stored inside AA batteries, even the better ones, and (more important) the max current rate they can supply, it makes me wonder why any clever person would choose them over any single 18650 EDC tactical flashlights.

You did not asked for high lm output, so I'm prone to think you would be ok with something like for example an XP-G led. By the time you drain a fully charged 18650 (if you cleverly use medium and low levels when possible) you will have probably changed 3 sets of AA or more. And a spare 18650 is very easy to carry in a pocket. Actually I found many brands of empty medicine pills are perfectly sized to carry them safely. (for example Vivin-C aspyrine)

You will have a much broader range of EDC lights to choose then

18650... is that the dachshund version of the CR123? Same voltage & diameter, but just twice as long? Honestly, it never occurred to me to pick one of those up. Would it be safe to put a small rare earth magnet on the end if it lacks the "button" on the positive side? Sorry to sound ignorant, I just never thought about using anything other than AA and CR123 cells, and always worried about bad cells/chargers burning down my place or the station...

Regarding CPF and posting the same question here, no biggie.

Lithium-ion, 3.7-4.2 volts, 18mm diameter, 65 (and up to 5mm more) long. The 0 at the end means round, I think.

Li-ion is worthy of respect, as you can get 'venting with flame' if you treat them badly. However, they're also everywhere in consumer electronics, so the apocalypse isn't apt to happen soon.

Get a good charger (lots of info here -- don't have to spring for a Pila IBC, though they are perfectly good), and good batteries (again, lots of good stuff here; the xtar 2600 group buy, for instance, might be still on).

Definitely opens up a whole world of awesome lights.

edit: to answer the button question: some have 'em; some don't. Depending on the light, it may or may not be an issue.

Wow, haven't tried 18650 based lights yet? I highly suggest you do. Solarforce L2p with the UF 3-mode XM-L dropin from Manafont will blow you away.

One issue with 18650s is you have to keep spares yourself if you need any. Can't just go to the cornerstore if you need more.

Thanks guys. I do have a sand colored SF L2 body, which I hope the 18650s will fit. I'm also looking at a BlackJack 1" tube mount for my helmet so I can mount it there and replace the Pelican lights we're issued. Gonna read some charger & cell reviews now...

L2 is great body. Stick a UF XML 3-mode drop in from manafont and be amazed.

Is there any PWM flicker with that drop-in? That is one thing I am sensitive to, so I'd like to have with a high rate...

Just get the 2AA "caveman" light from

For $40, it pretty much does what you want, and it is a quality light, see recent threads about it here at BLF.

The Klarus AA and 2AA lights will also do what you want, with a moonlight Low setting as well. You could get a 2AA Caveman and a single AA Klarus and still be under budget. The Klarus has a tail on/off switch, but changes modes with a thumb switch.

I just got the single AA Klarus from a seller on ebay that had it for $38.