Lighted Tailcap Question

I would like to lower the brightness of the lighted tailcaps on my Kronos X5/X6 lights. I know that there is an extensive forum thread on this topic, but I have been unable to find it. Can anyone point me to it ?


Just change the resistor. I used 10x bigger resistor and it worked quite well. I think even 15-20x would work for me but I like dimmer.

Yes, that’s it, and to visualise it a bit more it is those 2 black resistors next to the switch. In this picture I can’t really figure out what value they are, but I suggest try i.e. 6.8 kOhm (=a few times more than what is used stock) and see what you get, and adjust from there.

Also note. The pictured switch is the “aftermarket” one from Banggood. It has 2 smaller (0603?) LEDS and resistors. The “stock” Kronos one has a bigger (0805?) LED but smaller resistor. I believe that Banggood one provides more even light and is dimmer. So you could just swap that in. I also like coloured boots to achieve differing colours and get it dimmer. You can change the LEDS too if you like.

I bought a bunch of resistors and LEDS from Banggood. I’ll likely just try differing resistors to customize it.

in my opinion its easier to change the bleeder resistor on driver

So higher value bleeder resistor? How does it affect switch and mode timing?

I think too that that is more tricky. You could try it though, if you manage to increase the bleeder resistor value without timing trouble, it has the extra advantage of higher efficiency at the lowest modes.
@ the OP, the bleeder resistor is this one, on the driver, stock it is 470 Ohm, you could try 4 times as much and see what happens:

(picture borrowed from pilotdog68)

the higher the bleeder is the less it affects timing

If I remember well, it has been a while since I played with changing bleeders, making the bleeder value too high, or removing it means trouble too, the firmware is tweaked around the stock value.

Everything depends on everything in the lighted tailcap business :expressionless:

I find that going to a 560 ohm bleeder on that driver does not affect to much, but it does make the middle push require a longer push. The least affect on timing is gained by changing the dropping resistors on the tail cap board. I tend to go as high as 25k to 30k when I want a night stand light.

Note. The resistors are 0603 but I believe the LED is 0805. I bought 0603. It works but it’s too small. These are a pain to work with.