Lightmalls listening to BLF

Bill Zeng, of Lightmalls is coming onboard, along with several other suppliers. Chinese companies are starting to listen to our wants and needs, and becoming sensitive to feedback. This is a good sign for them and for us, as hobbyists … :bigsmile:

Letter from Bill Zeng, overnight:

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Dear (Flomotion)
thanks very much
and now i upload the 16mm and 20mm cree xm-l2 emitter on our website,as below
as for the spes,i will write it,and tomorrow i will upload the C8 XM-L2 online also

best regards
bill zeng

Lightmalls - sales

Great news! Ask Bill to list the flux bin for any LEDs they offer. That’s probably the most important spec, followed by Chromaticity bin (alternative is colour temperature as Bill has it listed).

Done :bigsmile:

Great news indeed. Thanks for doing this and making the effort to put it in motion Flomotion :smiley:

Hats off to Bill too for making the effort to listen to his customers and put it in place - Thank you Bill.

Ouch on the price, but just may have to buy a few . The XM-L2 T6 0D's that CNQ has are rated 7000-7500k, so probably not those. Hope they are U2's and not T6's, but won't know I guess until the specs are uploaded? Seems strange he posts them and doesn't identify the bin. The price is the highest I've ever seen on an XM-L2, but other sites like and can kill you in shipping costs. CNQ has some stiff shipping costs as well, and has disappeared once again. has the XM-L2 T6 0D on a 16 or 20mm mount for $7.

$9.55 each, or 3 at $8.90 is a good chunk of change higher. Even their U3's at $7.40 is steep, where FastTech has them at $4.92/$5.16.

If LightMalls continues with these high prices, they better be the only ones in town with them, because they won't sell many with competition.

I agree, but I have ordered bare stuff from mouser and cutter, and they really nail you. I really don’t know how the Chinese do it… I got a 502b not it was a C8, U2, 20mm star, pulling 2.8 amps at the tail off of Ebay for 9.10

CREE T6 XM-L High Power C8 Lamp Torch X7-T6 1300 Lumen 5 Switch Mode Flashlight

Item condition:
Feb 17, 2013 10:32:08 PST
Winning bid:
US $9.10
[ 8 bids ]
FREE Economy Shipping from outside US
Item location:
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
goodswholesaler (3870 )

including shipping. A member in Canada wants me to send him a couple of the Home Depot Defiants, and my local Post Office told me that it would cost $47 to just send them. I got my 3, 26650 T90 from China, shipping and all for $77. I think we are kind of spoiled, look at what Cabella’s wants for their stuff, I am afraid, that one day soon, the Chinese will stop subsidizing shipping, and we will lose our hobby… $)

very nice… subscribed :slight_smile:

That's a great deal on just the bare C8 host! Actually I've been accumulating so many T6's, I just gave a few to a co-worker that does mod'ing on RC planes - they actually do their own builds and reflows to add lights of their own design.

Actually, what I've done few times is order the emitters on 16 or 20mm stars with the plan of taking them off and reflowing them onto a SinkPAD - still cheaper buying them mounted sometimes rather than bare - pricing s so weird in this biz...

Good idea. Really, you think, like FastTech:

U2 1A on a 20mm Star:

Wow, that is cheap, and free shipping to boot…if I could have only had this stuff as a kid, inflation adjusted: 41 cents…(60s dollar)


I always put “greetings from BLF” or some other reference to BLF in my order comments,
to encourage this sort of vendor participation.

I just received the Perfect Ultrafire HD2010 from Lightmalls.

It looks good, ano is good and no dings.

Tonight I’ll check it and add an insulator between the star and reflector, if there isn’t one.