LightMalls UltraFire 15T6 16000-Lumen 15xCree XM-L

I didn’t notice this was posted yet, sorry if it was already.

Looks like some of you were right, manufacturers keep raising the bar with these multi-Led lights. Now we have a 15x XML on the block. I’m sure the output will disappoint as some of the previous versions, but looking down the business end of this one is sure cool.

It also boasts 3 different types of cells which is something new, 4*18650/4*26650( 4*16650 Best )

Wow, looks like a photoshop creation!

What driver do we think they are using?

The 5XM-L driver and run 3S5P?

AliExpress gives a bit more information on the light. The head on this one is 90mm, my Trustfire AK-47 is about 78mm.

As for a driver, you got me on this one. We’ll have to wait until someone makes the purchase to know for sure.

Definitely crossing my fingers for a good report on the driver :slight_smile:

Dear God.

To me as long as the manufacturers are not able to fulfill the below things,

  1. Current? Are all LEDs driven hard enough?
  2. Heatsinking?
  3. Does the driver fried easily?

I don’t see much point of keep increasing the numbers of LEDs.

Lol, nice find
this will definitely be bad for such a heavy beast in stock condition…I guess 5A max…what will cause serious heat anyway…
But hey 4 cells with 5A are still more light than the most of you have…and 26650s for high current are hard to get

I guess the driver will be one of the crappy ones which are in the 12 or 9 XML lights, with one difference it will be no direct drive over a FET (like in 9T6 or12T6 woth 3s3p leds)because for that you will need a number of LEDs which you can divide through the number of cells…

so I am waiting for the 16XML which is capable of 12 18650s, that would be my dream light: giant KING! >)

wowzers…thats pretty insane hahah. it probably still wont be as bright as our modded ak47’s huh richie

be awesome if we can mod this one here and get 10,000 lumens.

Don’t show this light to people with trypophobia.

I guess this is where all the leftover 1st gen XMLs went.

The TF AK90 has a similar sized head, with 12x XM-L. This 15x light has less heatsinking mass/area than the AK90. I doubt it could handle any serious drive current for long.
Still, anyone willing to take one for the team, it would be nice to find out more about it :smiley:

Let’s do some math… 15,000 lumens would require more than 150 watts. Divided by 4 batteries gives over 40 watts per battery (with driver losses). Batteries at 4V would be over 10 amps per battery. Yeah, like that’s gonna happen.

And I know how much passive heatsinking it takes to handle 150 watts ( That thing would be molten slag in moments…

hehe, reminds me of a guy who cooked breakfast over a campfire in an aluminum frying pan. The pan go so hot it melted without warning (aluminum doesn’t glow red before it melts). I don’t think I laughed quite as hard, before or since.
I agree pyro, even the AK90 is going to be a three minute turbo at 100W or so. It takes a lot of surface area to dissipate that much heat passively.

And the batteries are empty after 15 minutes…

15 XM-Ls, wait for the 20, should come soon.

This is insane ! A bunch of XML ! I really hope someone will do a review about it.
Also can be used as a mace.

Hey there BLF peeps. I just created an account because I happened upon this thread while researching the light you all are talking about. I ordered the UltraFire 15T6 (along with 4 other beasts) from lightmalls 2 days ago. I wanted to let you all know that I’ll post a review when I receive it.

By the way, clearly I love torches (well I’m here, ha), but frankly I’ve never modded a light or soldered an LED. I’m just learning & plan on upgrading some lights & playing around with the ones on the way.


Hi Zeke,

Welcome to the forum and congratulations on getting what we all hope to be a great 15x XM-L light. I’m sure we all can’t wait to hear your impressions of this big beast. Please keep us posted.

Welcome to the family, Zeke! Looking forward to your impressions of this light. What are the others you purchased?

I always wondered about these shower head multi-emitter beasts please post your findings and enjoyyour stay