Lights as fidgits

Does anyone else find the need to constantly have a light in hand to play with?
Whether at the office or in the evenings at home on the couch I must have a light in hand to play with and it has become habit. I find myself reaching for a light driving at times also.
The TS10 is nice for turning in hand a million times but what have others found to be great in hand?
Currently trying TS10’s, Baton 3 , rider rx, pokelit gray, several rovyvons…

Actually I did discover something fun last night. A slipjoint pocket knife I own balances perfectly on the end of a magnetic D4V2 tailcap and it spins beautifully there. It’s like it was designed for it–won’t fall off and can even spin upside down. When I get home I’ll make a video :smiley:

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DQG 1/2 AA with the full AA tube on it. I’ll spin that damn thing for hours. I have some other small fidget toys. I’ll often open and close my zippo which drives everyone around me crazy.

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I use to fidget with knives. I just ended up with cut up hands. Looks like I was in a dog attack. One night I was playing with one. Dozed off on the couch and it went straight into my leg. Didn’t even wake up. Took it out in the morning and put a butterfly bandage on it. So I don’t fidget with knives anymore. :blush:

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That’s crazy! Your poor leg lol

I guess I didn’t specify, but the slipjoint folder is closed during the spinning process :grin:

The only other fidget I do with knives is to open and close the flipper-style knives. That is so quick that I don’t think there is any danger of dozing off mid-flip. But with your experience in mind I’ll definitely make sure I don’t do it when I’m feeling drowsy!

Olight magnet ring on the P01. Holds strong enough to spin on a finger and to me has a satisfying removal / reconnect aspect. EDC.

I have a TS10 in-hand as well today. The other that I really like is the Rider RX. Also, if you are looking for another with great hand-feel, check out CountyComm’s brass or copper AAA light. They are of awesome build quality with buttery smooth threads.

So much. It’s why my desk is always covered in lights. Having a good fidget toy really helps me concentrate and organise my thoughts, especially when it’s as interactive as a light, and has really nice textures too, and titanium/copper ones have such a nice weight to them. My favourites are the D4/D4K, especially the ones I have with fun emitters (E17A, pink, and cyan) or the lumen monsters like the DT8K or SBT90 DM11. Wurkkos TS10 for smaller lights, especially fun to blast turbo on. From my desk I can see when the dog is trying to dig in the kitchen bins so when she does that I like to spotlight her with my KR1 too because it’s so funny to watch her freeze in place.

The light I fidget with is a 26350 short tube EA01. The switch has held up well with the countless clicks it has been through.

This took me way too long to make. Learned how to use the video editor Olive :smiley:

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Swapped out the P01 for the SP10. It’s a little less conspicuous than the FF-P01 but damn if that switch isn’t hard to find. Reduces the fidget factor too.