Lights For A Leo?

I have a buddy about to graduate from the academy and me being a flashaholic I want to make sure the things I reccomend are top quality and can handle duty life. Looking for a everyday carry, a flood and a thrower, to hold him over I gave him a extra pd35 I had but would like to get him another, was thinking a olight m2r warrior. Thrower should I stick with a single cell like the gt mini, catapult v6 or go multiple like a MF02. As for a flood I really like the sofirn C8F but again open to options. Should I try an keep batteries matching 18650 or miss match others for best lights. Lastly a good charging option in the car. Thank you

Take a look at acebeam L30 or the L16. I have the L16 and it’s awesome. The L30 has less throw but higher output. But do take note the L30 uses 21700 cells but do support 18650s too.

I'm a Taurus.

I don't know what to get for a Leo...

How about a” Rofis MR70”:\_encoding=UTF8&me=&th=1

Isn’t that a bit too fat with no grip ring? The models I listed has single touch momentary rear clicky turbo. Side switch is just to change modes.

That is just one suggestion for OP to consider from all other suggestions.

You`re right it may not be everyone’s cup of tea as far as the size goes, 30.91 mm x 73.00 mm main barrel grip with fine lines of knurling make the grip just right to hold onto the light without compromising the stylish look of it.
Personally i find my MR70 a very useful and well crafted light, that helped me charge my phone when it run out of power on top of the mountain while camping.

If i was still a cop, I would carry a protac hl or hlr. I have over 400 lights, but after having my $2000 breitling yanked off my wrist during an arrest, and not wanting to carry my precious HDS’s into battle for fear they’d meet the same fate, I would take something i wouldn’t mind losing. If I worked in cold weather, i would probably carry my stinger HL because of the rubber grip to insulate my hands. The flashaholic in me would probably barf at the tint, but I’d slap a lee filter on it to make things a little more pleasing.

I still am and would also recommend the Protac HL-X with a Sanyo NCR-18650GA instead of their battery and a good charger. PFlexPRO when he gets back to public production would be my first choice.