Lights FOR SALE ! - TrustfireX6, Original SRK, ZY-r802, & more.

I have a number of duplicate lights in my over-sized collection of lights. I have decided to sell off some of them, starting with these below.

Shipping is extra cost, and will vary depending on your province/state. No batteries will be shipped with the lights.
( Send me a PM if your interested with your mail adress info and i can check the cost of shipping and which light(s) your interested in.

A used Trustfire X6/SST-90, works great, uses three 18650s, minor scratrches and dings, mostly screw marks from a trigger handle mount, (as seen in the photo below) Light only, no batteries or strap. $ 60 plus shipping cost.

- Trustfire Z5 Zoomie, (Green anodized model ) , Modded with Dedomed XM-L2, uses two 18650s.
$ 15 plus shipping.

- Original SkyRay King 3-XM-L, (The original one with the “good” three-torrid Driver purchased last year, In new condition, used only once for a BeamShot comparison. original Box with lanyard, spare O-ring.)
$ 40 plus shipping.

- XR-E Zoomie Lantern combo light. ( GunMetal grey anodizing, XR-E Q5 emitter, uses three AAA battteries, tail clickie, in new condition and never used.
$ 8 plus shipping.

-used Non-Branded C8, XR-E Q5 emitter, 3-mode, minor nicks, works good, uses single 18650, good C8 host for modding.
$ 7 plus shiping.

- Trustfire Z4 Zoomie, 5-Mode, Modded with a WarmWhite ( 3200K) XR-E Q3 Emitter, uses either three AAA batteries or a singl 18650. in new condition.
$ 10 Plus shipping.

- SmallSun ZY-R802 EDC Light, XP-E emitter, 3-modes, very bright with great throw for a small EDC with a 14500. (works only with a 14500 Li-ion ) new condition and never used. Has built-in Charging circuit, Comes with original Box, Lanyard, & 120V AC Charger.
$ 12 Plus shipping.

- First to reply & note me interested, & confirm payment using PayPal, its theirs. I will update when sold.

$5 shipping you say, does that include USA coverage? I don’t see the price on the C8?? I will take the Small sun if the shipping is $5 to the United States of America.

I’ll take the x6. PM inbound!

Sorry that was typo when i placed the image link in there. i missed the price on the C8. added now.)


  • Trustfire X6 is sold, others are still availaible.

Just got the light in the mail today; that’s probably the fastest that I’ve EVER received a flashlight. Thanks!

The Z5 is a Finnish model? I thought they were all made in China!

PM sent for confirmed shipping .....

trade srk for 12 ICR18650-28A

Interested in the Trustfire Z5 Zoomie. Can you post some beam shot? Do you have any stats on current draw, kcd?

Thanks in advance!

Sadly i dont have any beamshots, but i can take some to post as soon as i get the chance, ( and i can test the tail cap AMP draw.