Lights Out

Anyone watched it yet? I think those easily afraid/influenced by the supernatural are gonna start hoarding flashlights! I thinks its a really good show but a crappy ending :frowning:
I mean why must the mum die…. She was technically recovering when she reached out to her daughter for help. A good movie nonetheless!

Here’s a trailer:

I never even heard of this movie but that spoiler just made me laugh

Spoiler Alert!

You might not like the end of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Haha I did watch it! And yeah, its was a cliff hanger and I really hate it!

I have watched this movie. It has the potential, and I am sure would be much better with James Wan as director, not only producer.
But there is no way this ghost would scare BLF members :smiley:

Thesis title: How come people only carry crappy flickering 10 lumen flashlights in horror movies.

Seriously, good luck with your thesis!

Wait… Who is JohnnyBurt? LOL and 70s to 90s slasher movies were the best. that period was the most peaceful period of human history. I guess I’m just born in the wrong generation. Zzzzzz….

ROFL, the guy disappeared. He had only 1 post….

He’s a spammer… look at the link he posted

I….was….just….too…lazy….to….read…… I clicked on it and thought whatever….

I saw it the other night.
3 minutes of horror, the rest is just a bad movie where nothing significant happens.
A lot of plot holes, as the story evolves the ending is very clear.
actors with the acting talent of a lanyard.
Man what an horrible film.

Hahah I see where you’re going. But I really enjoy B-movies. there is a certain flair that attracts me like Rubber for example. heh A rubber tyre that kills people LOL or Zombievers, basically zombie beavers HA

Well, I was going to watch it, but now that I know the mom dies…


Please don't insult our intelligence.

When you spoil a movie or book on BLF you're not helping anyone.

Great, more spammers.