Lights with handle like APEX 5T6?

I really like the separate handle design on the APEX 5T6 and would really like to see a handle like that for the King. Anyone know of any lights with that kind of form factor?

The NITEYE EYE30 has the same form factor.
Kinda pricey though, compared to the other 2 you mentioned.

It's a bargain at only 330 dollars. :P

There are a few… none of them affordable though. Eye30, Jetbeam has an SST50 light are the most affrodable options. 47 has their multi-XML with a handle on it, and then of course theres the hellfighter at the top of the $$$.

Someone made a hellfighter clone, 2-3 years ago. IIRC it was a ~25W HID, with ballast and Lithium cells contained within the body of the light. It was rail mountable with an optional handle kit. But even that was around $350.

Titanium innovations has some HID spotlights… lunchbox handle carry style.

The Apex handle feature (IMHO) kind of sets apart from all the others, because you can still use your hand to pick up stuff (even BIG stuff) while holding onto the light.

that nighteye looks awesome but too rich for me! Still looking!