LiitoKala Lii 202 beeping and blinking

My good old LiitoKala Lii 202 is going nuts. I put in a single battery and it starts blinking on both bays for no apparent reason. I also hear some beeps, first it sounds like a bunch of tones just like electronic music, and than just a solid beep sound. It does it with every 18650 battery I tried.
Only exception is AA Eneloop 1.2V, it completely ignores it.

Any suggestions what could be wrong?

I was curious and checked if the DC OUT works
YES, the 202 still works as a USB powerbank,

By the way the beeps remind me of some retro games. Can’t remember which

I’ve got two 202s and two 100s and they’ve been fine.

Unless you have the ability to tear them down and replace small bits, just replace it.

“It’s dead, Jim”


I will buy a new one.

just wondering what’s going on. Interesting it doesnt like the new phone chargers where the cable and power supply are separate… I tried a bunch but only an old one 1-piece doesnt cause the beeping.

Can you make a short video of it?

Haha yes, let me make a video.