limited test of 26650 KeepPower 5200mAh IMR26650 unprotected

I’m a big user of 26650’s and all the batteries on hand have had more than a few recharges so I bought six 26650 KeepPower 5200mAh IMR26650 and three 26650 Kinoko IMR26650 4000mAh High Discharge Flat Top from Illumination Supply. In the past comparisons Kinoko IMR26650 4000mAh High Discharge and King Kong 4000/4200 ICR ran almost equal in current test runs. So I ran three of each; KeepPower 5200mAh and Kinoko 4000mAh side by side and got the following results.

TR-J20; KeepPower 3.06 amps, Kinoko 3.00 amps

MaxTouch DX21; 2.93 for both

Shadow JM07; 2.44 for both

TR-J12; KeepPower 3.90 amps, Kinoko 3.75 amps

4Sevens S12 Maelstrom sst-90; KeepPower 1.77 amps, Kinoko 1.74 amps

Each battery from each group ran within 0.01 amp of each other on the single cell lights.