LiPo Buzzer - does it work without the display?


Short question:
Will this Buzzer still work after I desoldered the display?


I don’t know but I imagine it would. I think I have the same model and it has a button that you press to choose the voltage at which it will beep, which is shown on the display. So removing the screen would remove some of the functionality, but once you set it it doesn’t change, in my experience.

What are you using it for? If you want it to be small, I think I’ve seen smaller single cell monitors that have lights that tell you when it’s at a certain voltage.

I already ordered this - but my charger shows the voltage while charging, so I don’t need that extra display, I just need a 3V per cell Buzzer.

I am building a mobile speaker - the display wouldn’t be visible anyways, so I don’t want it to drain the battery :wink:


Cool. The buzzer is VERY loud.