LIQUIDATION - Want an awesome, small, premium bin neutral flashlight?


We’re clearing out the shelves and there are a few things still sticking around so there will be a liquidation sale every 5 days until the end of 2012.


Have a look at the link, then come back for the coupon:






Need we say more? By the way, free shipping on orders over $50 to Canada and US… which means free shipping as well!


Offer ends SATURDAY November 24th, 2012. Limit 2 coupon uses per customer.

What is the CRI rating?

Since I’m outside the US this isn’t so great for me. But what I do want to say after reading this is where are the T6 4C emitters on 16mm MPCBs!?

CRI >75

Australia eh? If you really want it, I can see if we can work something out. Shipping out of Canada is quite high, and I believe Australia borders around $30.

How come it says premium edition XML T6 4C neutral, but when checking out it says U2?

75 is not high CRI. That's the typical CRI for a neutral white XML.

I realize that and that’s why it says >75. It’s the 4C bin which extrapolated should be approximately ~80 but I cannot make that claim directly. Per mfg it’s 80 @ 4250k but again without the proper tools, it’s up to trusting the mfg :slight_smile:

It’s T6 4C. I just tried to check out using the link above and nothing changed. Ensure you use the link above and not just searching for M11R as both the standard U2 and Premium Edition are available.

I get the feeling that it's a standard XML 4C. Cree makes a 80 CRI min neutral XML, but not in a T6.

It’s 100% a T6 4C. Now if it cannot possibly reach 80 @ 4250k, thats another story. I have the full bin code in correspondence someplace. I can post it tomorrow if you have means to verify further details.

Full bin code would be nice.

I don't doubt that it's a T6 4C. I'm just curious if it's a 75-typ/80-max standard emitter or an actual 80-min High CRI emitter. Those 80-min CRI neutral XML are hard to find. And if that's what it is, and it's a T6, that would make it quite rare.

Thanks, I’ll post it when at the office tomorrow. I don’t have the latest emails on my mobile.

Thanks Jason. I got my order in. I’ve been looking at that one, saying to myself,“I don’t need another Sunwayman ”. I still don’t need another Sunwayman, but it looks like I’m getting one anyway.

Thank you Ualnosaj,

Finally pushed me over the edge with this deal.... been wanting a new EDC and the Premium Mr. Elfin was on the wishlist... No more lights... no more lights... will replace my Nitecore Extreme as EDC... No light of this cost deserves the shelf queen spot.

looks good!!!

@rojos: This is the code, let me know if you can get some more info out of this: XMLAWT-0-4C0-T60-00-0001

So I could have had my M11R light shipped to me in USA for free too right? Instead I chose the expedited parcel(to US) option thinking it was the only way to get to me? Oh well lesson learned...

Thanks for looking it up. Unfortunately, the color spec code (the fifth digit from the end) is unspecified. "H" = 80-min CRI, "L" = standard neutral, "0" = cool white or unspecified. These appear to be unspecified.

Hmm, not very definitive. I’m going to remove the high CRI bit from the post until I can get some better evidence otherwise. Thanks for checking it up!

Hoping this is a false issue... otherwise I will request a refund.