Lishen LR2170LA 21700 "4000mah, 35amp"

I am considering buying these, the Lishen LR2170LA 21700.

They are the “4000mah, 35amp” version, purple wrap.

Anyone have them?

Can anyone who has been using them share their thoughts?

Are you seeing lumen drops/increases or amperage drops/increases compared to the known top shelf 21700 high discharge batteries (Samsung, molicel, vapcell, etc) ?

I’ve never used any Lishen battery, that I know of.

Sofirn rewraps these as their 4000 mAh 21700. They also rewrap them in the 5000 mAh version. Wurkkos uses the same batteries also. They’d be good to under 20 amps. Nowhere near a 40T though.

Well, the Sofirn cells are indeed rewrapped Lishens but not this exact one. The 4000mah Sofirn is a rewrapped LR2170SA. The 5000mah is a LR2170SD. This one, LR2170LA, is Lishen’s newest cell, I don’t know of Sofirn using it yet, and I haven’t seen any tests or anything. Lishen makes good batteries, I don’t know if I’d expect true 35A continuous out of this one, but it should still be pretty high drain. Lishen hasn’t inflated their numbers historically.

Thanks mpb and stirstinky. Yea I figured this one is new because I haven’t seen a mooch or hjk review or any others. I have some Wurkkos and sofirn batteries and they are good.

I figured 35a sounds high, but based off of moochs reciew even the 40t cannot do that. So I was hoping for 25amp on this Lishen , and also to hear some members say that their reliable batteries with a good reputation.

I’m hoping for around 25 amps because my idea is that I’ll buy three of these for the new WT90 sbt90.2 light that Texas Ace posted about, which is coming out in a couple weeks. I don’t want to wait for molicel p42a from my preferred battery place or pay almost twice as much for the Sony vtc6 21700. But if the p42a comes back in stock I’ll most likely just buy those since they’re the same price as these Lishen’s.

The Sofirn is a decent battery. Sofirn charges a very fair price for them.I would not use them in a super performance light but for anything else, they are prefect.

Dark green 50S Blue LA purple 40T

Deep purple 40T Light purple LA


Wow, better than a 40T. Pretty decent if your light can take the larger than 21mm diameter. This looks like a good, cheap and available replacement as 40Ts become scarce.

^ thats what Im thinking, those graphs show it beating outpacing 40t as far as I can see, right?
Amazing! Thank you for sharing those graphs! I am going to be buying some, just to give them a try if nothing else.

Samsung 40T is a good cell, but starts to show its age in terms of technology.

How do you mean?

I mean that, when the 40T first came around (I noticed it sometime in the spring of 2018) it set new standards for high current 21700 cells. There weren’t that many 21700s at all back then, no Molicell P42A, no Lishens. Now, 3 years later, it doesn’t look so undisputed anymore, and this is normal. The technology moves on.

OK, i understand what you’re saying. Yea im pretty invested in 40t’s which makes me think i will hold off because eventually the vapcell / samsung 5000mah 25amp battery (T50?) will be available and these 40t’s will not be too important.

On a seperate note im glad i started this thread because i had no idea about Lishen batteries and their reputation! Very glad about this!

I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting on the T50…VapCell told me that they are not restocking the T50. They were a limited edition battery. Try to find some Samsung 50S instead (if you can).

yea i figured we probably wouldn’t see these hitting the market (samsung) until next year. I have enough 40t and p42a until then. of course at this point i wish i wouldve bought 100 40t’s last december when it was announced there would be 2021 price increases, because 18650 battery store was selling them for $6 (or $7) ! Now theyre $13… I could’ve been selling them at $10 now for a fair profit .

You can buy 40T rewraps from Vapcell. I’m doubtful 50S will be for sale since they are pretty much exclusively going into these new outdoor power tools like mowers, blowers, weed trimmers, etc. It’s only a matter of time before drills/drivers and sawzalls start uaing 21700 over 18650.

yea, ive always just worried about them fitting in my battery tubes diamtere-wise with the rewrap…

And honestly, i try to stick with my one trusted battery vendor. if they have what i need, great. if they dont - i wait. usually i dont NEED anything, i just want it. I can always take a battery from a light im not using.

Oh, if you have 40Ts just use them, absolutely nothing wrong with them, still one of the best out there. I’ve had one since 2019 and still use it. The cell has something like 100 cycles and still its IR is considerably lower than my new 50Es.

Artie did you end up buying these Lishen? Or did anybody else? How are they performing, as expected?

So far LR2170LA has not been tested by HKJ or Mooch and I wouldn’t trust these testings images in the tread. Nobody know whether these are real or just from the Lishen’s marketing.

Why not buy Molicel P42A instead? Same or cheaper price and reliability is very well documented.